9th Wonder is ‘The Hip-Hop Fellow’ in Harvard Documentary (Video)

9th Wonder is ‘The Hip-Hop Fellow’ in Harvard Documentary (Video)


More and more projects combining the powers of education and Hip Hop, as well as education on Hip Hop, in academic and youth environments seem to arise and it excites me.

The film centers on the emerging significance of incorporating hip-hop studies into the academy and spotlights the scholars and musicians at the forefront of preserving 40 years of hip-hop culture.

 The Hip-Hop Fellow is a 78 minute documentary following 9th Wonder’s tenure at Harvard University as he teaches ‘The Standards of Hip-Hop’ course, conducts research for his thesis and explores hip-hop’s history, culture and role in academia. 

The video is directed by Kenneth Price, just like their previous initiative The Wonder Years which allegedly shows us a year in the life of CEO, NAACP ambassador, Duke University professor, husband, father, son and Grammy Award winning producer 9th Wonder, but sadly hasn’t found it’s way to Europe or the web just yet.

I really hope this documentary, planned to drop in the US in April, will shortly find a way so we can enjoy this piece worldwide.


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