Fresh Abouts: What is The Tika?

Fresh Abouts: What is The Tika?

The Tika is a website and organization that evolves around Hip Hop Culture & Consciousness.
Tika, for the curious, is a Maori word translating to being straight, upright, fair, truth and righteousness.

We aim to stimulate honest preservation and healthy progression of the Hip Hop culture & community by sharing its essence, elements and virtues.

We are here with a reason and if you’re interested you can find out more about us here …

The Tika


Just a bunch of kids that love Hip Hop, experiencing and expressing it as a collective consciousness and culture that has changed our lives for the better. I, Nadia Piet, founded and ran The Tika solo for a while before making the best decision to involve likemindeds and growing The Tika Team. Since then a dozen of people have joined and contributed and Queen Kobra stepped up as Team Captain. We are all individuals and express that in our writings, but I’d say we are all curious, passionate, young, direct and dedicated. We’re always recruiting ..


In a seemingly oversaturated market of ‘Hip Hop’ media, we felt the supply was unvaried and the culture we’re so passionate about was poorly portrayed. News is not all that matters, consciousness is a virtue and bullshit has no place in Hip Hop. We know Hip Hop is a uplifting and powerful global force, often practiced in positivity yet more often misunderstood.

We hope to offer an online go-to spot for Hip Hoppas to get their word and others to acquire about the culture.


If you enjoy and recognize what we do here at The Tika, pleasespread the good word with you & yours! Allow us to grow the movement and join the journey on the social platform of your preference and subscribe to our good old newsletter here, to stay in the loop regardless of what’s hip.

Thank you for your continuous support & see you there!


We bring consistent information & inspiration with online ease at, complimented with free digital goodies such as Tika Truths for the brainfood and Tika Tapes for the earholes. We carry merchandise shirts & beanies on offering HQ economical wear with a clear vision. We have the Boom Bap Addict Tee, The Tika Beanie and hope to go platinum to press and distribute more dope designs to Hip Hoppas worldwide. We organize and contribute to local events and have more in store. Through our products and publications we aspire to express and elevate Hip Hop and cover some of our bills.

When and where? was launched on 11/11/’11 but reborn on 14th February ’12 when the website was re-designed and the team assembled. We are steady building and developing everyday, for the full story read the Tika Thrive ..

We function worldwide, no borders, no barriers. The Tika Team as well as the Tribe is spread out globally and we love it. With peeks in countries we are physically active in and a healthy travel bug, we just continue to explore and extent.


If you’re looking to join The Tika Team, have business or press enquiries, collaborate, want to submit your work or just want to reach out, please jump to the contact page for more info.

If you see value in what we create, consider supporting our efforts by ordering some Tika Attire or making a donation. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will allow us to continue and extend to do what we do.

Thanks for taking an interest in our endeavours.

Tika Team, Tika Attire