The Tika Web, Marketing & Creative Services

The Tika Web, Marketing & Creative Services

Welcome to The Tika Web, Marketing & Creative Services. We are an agency that offers webdesign & webdevelopment and a range of online, offline and music marketing and creative services for musicians, artists of all disciplines and organizations to take their endeavors to the next level whilst handling the basementality. Find out how we can help you step your game up ..

We do this for the purpose of helping individuals or groups with a good product as well as good intentions to get their shine and spot in the market place, as well as creating a place to combine our own passion for webdesign, marketing and music. We aim to stimulate artists of all disciplines, creative individuals and organizations on any level towards growth by supplying our resources and services. We will consult and put together a strategy and practical plan to maximize business opportunities and to grow and engage your followers.

If you wish to take your career to the next level and aim to make a lifelong living out of the music industry, it is necessary for you to consider yourself and your music a business and act as such. Our strength is understanding, combining and balancing both the creative/artistic and commercial/business imperatives.

At our core, we understand the value and importance of maintaining an authentic image. On the other hand, we know the power of professionalizing your approach to enhance opportunities and take your career to the next level.

With upholding knowledge and insights into the industry standards (especially Hip Hop related, thanks to our own background) and developments, we are able and more them happy to comply with them.

Services* we offer include but are not restricted to:

– webdesign and webdevelopment
– mobile pages
– e-commerce / webshop
– social media marketing
– content creation
– online representation strategy
– online and offline marketing consulting
– assembling PR materials such as Electronic Press Kits
– writing of press releases, biographies and ‘sales letters’ to encourage publicity and promotion
– business strategy
– branding / brand development (objectives, SWOT, USP)
– music management
– specific web services such as SEO, analytics, advertising, troubleshooting
– designing and implementing a signature style, logo and promotional materials for web, print and merchandise

More information about:
[show_hide title=”Webdesign & webdevelopment”]We master the knowledge, skill and experience to realize webdesign & development. I think that it is essential for any artist with goals to have a home on the web where anybody can find practical and compelling information about you and your work delivered in an appearance that fits you. This way you can control what people find when they search and maintain public relations through direct communication. First it is important to have a professional online representation for third parties to make the most out of business opportunities. Second, it is an easy way to keep your fans up to date. We can create website based on music players, video or portfolio, blog-form or static, corporate or basic and will adjust all to your preferences. We can take care of mobile pages and even webshops to realize your e-commerce plans.[/show_hide]

[show_hide title=”Social Media Marketing”]Social Media Marketing has become undeniable and a great way to extend an artists’ reach and enhance one’s brand. We utilize and optimize the top social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Instagram, Tumblr and compliment with genre or industry specific platforms. Depending on your interest and desirable involvement and effort you’re planning to invest in this, we will create a complete profile and optimize it for your product.[/show_hide]

[show_hide title=”Branding & Business strategy”]Nowadays people do not just buy a product to have, but also from a brand to connect and identify with. With music, this is no different and you as an artists will have to build a fitting brand around yourself. We will name in detail your current situation, resources and skills (USP), objectives and goals (target group) and construct and consult the next steps. This information is essential to develop a tailored made plan with efficient and effective approach and practical guidance.[/show_hide]

[show_hide title=”Public Relations materials (EPK, bio, press releases, sales letters)”]Wether you’re an already established or a developing artist, to have people read or hear about you someone has to write about your work. Now always keep in mind that what you don’t tell, they don’t know. And so it is of big importance to provide various media outlets with information about your work and brand as well as news. Though anyone can shoot an ‘hey check my new track’ message, it takes something more to write an actual press release, fully coverage bio or sale letter that keeps the reader interested and engaged.[/show_hide]

Over the years I have build an extensive and diverse network of creative individuals. In case your wishes require a skill or time I don’t have, I will still take care of the communication and overview of the process but I will select one of my close colleagues to fulfill the task or part of it. Or I could just pass your name through to preferred partners of whatever it is you need; MC’s, beatmakers, producers, musicians, video producers, photographers, graphic designers, audio engineers, bookers, promoters, journalists and creative writers etc.

Since we are located in Holland* but operate worldwide, you can schedule a real life of skype session with me to discuss your needs and see if we are on the same page and there are possibilities for a future collaboration. Costs are all calculated per project, I need a clear idea of the work it’ll take before setting the price. Whatever your needs and wishes, just come see us and we’ll see what we can do to help you take it to the next level.

We hope to hear from you and possibly work together soon.

Stay blessed, peace,
Nadia Piet
Founder and CEO The Tika Enterprise

* Alle diensten zijn ook verkrijgbaar in het Nederlands.

“By the way, this is for those with a purpose
This is for souls with a purpose
And souls that make music with a purpose

I’m trying to bring
The underground to the surface”
– Illa J