Tika Thrive

Tika Thrive

The Tika – To cherish, redefine and express the essence of Hip Hop music and culture. A life enriching, Hip Hop focused blog about the music, 9 elements, mind state and more.

The essence has never and will change, but if you’d like to know how and why The Tika was born, how it evolved and grew, and got to what it is today, read on. Chopped up in time frames, chapters, steps and plans here is from day 1 on the bottom to today on top.

1st August ‘13 – Present moment

Everything had their roots in all years before, but now slowly but surely came to creation and realization. The Tika was moving in the right direction, turning into the multi disciplined empire and global movement I aspired it to be.

In August we released our first item of Tika Attire, the Boom Bap Addict B&W Tee. As from the start merchandise or if you will a clothing line was part of the plan. With not a lack of good artist merchandise or urban/hip hop orientated brands, we felt there was lacking of affordable, high-quality brand with a clear vision catering for us. So we made the design, build a webshop and hope to go platinum to press and distribute more dope t-shirts and wear for Hip Hoppas worldwide.

We also introduced the Tika Truths. The viral images with quotes, but with Hip Hop artists and iconic and inspiring lyrics. After all, it’s the rhymes and poetry that got to me first, and the message they bring and we want to pass on. We have Lauryn Hill, Chuck D, Masta Ace, Murs and way more to come.

Besides, though they were not yet true mixtapes, we released the Tika Tapes. Right now theme based boom bap playlists for any device, and soon to be recorded on actual decks.

The Tika Team and Tribe is growing and we hope to continue at this rate and bring you much more of what we have in store. We are very humbled by your support and are blessed and grateful to be able to connect with many and more inspiring and like-minded people around the globe.

14th February 2013
The Tika 2.0 and The Tika Team

On February 14th I introduced The Tika 2.0. A brand new website design and the renewed concept. In this time the Tika Team and Tribe grew and with that giving me more space to build besides writing, objectives and coverage shaped rapidly and ideas and principles became more clear.

Though I was happy sneaking around with my one-man-army, I always felt like I’d want to involve more dedicated and knowledgeable people to write for The Tika. And with the new website, felt like the right time to expand and strengthen the team. More articles to read, a broader span for the blog’s topics and more knowledge and creativity in the mix. I first asked a few of my friends and contacts to join and over the months we build up from 1 to 12 team members worldwide, all knowledgeable and distinct individuals with a love and voice for Hip Hop.

On TheTika.Com The Listening is for music, The Arts is dedicated to showcasing the elements of the endlessly evolving Hip Hop culture and it’s disciples skills and then The Mindstate covers teachings and questions, interviews, reviews and more.

With all individual members and their own skills, knowledge and experience we are now able to fully dedicate to Hip Hop culture and consciousness.

TheTika(.Com) launch and 1st stage

The following was the about page when I just launched thetika.com on 11-11-’11 as my personal Hip Hop blog, which gives more insights into my motivation behind setting it up.  The plan was there but my vision was still evolving and I maintained the website by myself whilst living and working in Sydney, travelling throughout Asia and on my return in Holland. Now here we go.

When we go waaaaaaaaay back into the late 60’s in the South Bronx, we see ‘the birth of Hip Hop’ and the outline of it’s 4 elements by Afrika Bambaata. No doubt about that. Important to me, is to cherish and honor the origin of Hip Hop.

Yet, it would be unfair and ignorant to restrict ourselves to just that. We’ve came a long way since the late ‘60s and hiphop and Hip Hop, the music industry and the world has evolved. Along with that comes the commercial hiphop and radio rap we are daily exposed and confused with nowadays. But let’s forget about that, and focus on the heaps of talented people out there in the world still doing their thing and deserving their shine.

So for that, I will expose both, and anything else I feel like sharing to sparks your mind. This is the main focus, referring to Hip Hop as a form of musical expression, and a cultural expression through its renewed 9 elements and mindstate. But the content is various and wider spread and with Hip Hop as point of view, it won’t necessarily always the subject written about. Thing is, there is so much more to Hip Hop then the tracks. And there is so much more to me, then the Hip Hop. All that, I also want to express and share with y’all. So you can expect streetart, soul, dance, poetry, beats, docu’s, neo soul and so on, so on.

The summery is, the websites holds pretty much anything I think is dope and you’d be interested in. Cause in the end, what is or is not Hip Hop today is an opinion differing in every individuals perspective and expression.

To me an important value in Hip Hop as well as in life is to ‘keep it real’, to stay true. Which is the reason behind naming The Tika, which is by the way from the Māori language. It represents positivity, consciousness, righteousness, authenticity, love and so much more. It inspires me. This is what Hip Hop has brought and taught to me. To a lot of people I’m sure Hip Hop will have a whole different meaning. So I repeat what has been said before: this website contains and reflects what true Hip Hop music and culture means to me.

Enough said right?

10th September 2010

In 2010 I started with a blog called HIPHOP-365. That website would really indicate the birth of my building and the about page was there from day 1.

Hip Hop, you’re the love of my life

From the start, I knew. First the music, and along came the culture. Hip Hop was as often misunderstood and underestimated, yet as pure, conscious and open-minded as I am. It formed his own movement, his own path, instead of choosing one offered. KRS-One, the teacher speaks: ‘Hip Hop is not just the music. Hip Hop is an attitude, an awareness, a way to view the world. Hip Hop is something you live.’ Like nothing else, I felt like I understood Hip Hop and Hip Hop understood me.

Along with my interest, knowledge and love for Hip Hop the will to share started growing. It surprised me how many people did not know about this music and culture, how many people were not aware. Just because I had the luck to have certain people physically around me who introduced me to this beautiful thing, would not mean everybody has. And since anybody in the world is able to launch a website nowadays, I could not think of a reason not to. This is to all of you who love the music just as much as I do. For that, I got started.