Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown – Unity

Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown – Unity

“People, people here’s a story about today
we need to check our selves, correct ourselves
we need to pray” – James Brown

If Hip Hop had a national anthem, this song would be it!

“Unity (Peace, Unity, Love & Havin’ Fun)” by the Godfather of Hip Hop himself;
DJ Afrika Bambaataa AKA The Amen Ra Of Universal Hip Hop Culture,
in collaboration with the Godfather of Soul, “Soul Brother Number One” James Brown
(may 3, 1933 – december 25, 2006) The Creator of “The One”!

It was recorded in New York and was released in 1984.

The record cover shows the two Godfathers clasping hands, and what you see is what you hear: a straight up breakbeat with a James Brown funk feel, combined with the drum machine and keyboard-generated electro sounds which is Bambaataa’s signature sound.

Afrika Bambaataa uses this track to say what it’s all about in the simplest way possible. So, if you didn’t know about the song listen to it right now and discover what the Godfathers have to say on this track, which is a piece of Hip Hop History.

“Peace, unity, love and havin’ fun!” – James Brown & Afrika Bambaataa

Fun Fact:
The Original 12″ version had Six different parts of the song:

Unity (Part 1: The Third Coming) – 3:20
Unity (Part 2: Because It’s Coming) – 3:20
Unity (Part 3: Nuclear Wildstyle) – 3:29
Unity (Part 4: Can You See It) – 6:47
Unity (Part 5: The Light) – 4:15
Unity (Part 6: World 3) – 2:44


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