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So, a bunch of prominent Jamaican musicians, and other Rasta’s, are calling on people to occupy Pinnacle. But a Pinnacle of what? Why can’t they just relax and smoke a spliff? Besides, what does all this have to do with Hip Hop?

So, you want to learn how to rap? You're probably doing it wrong! This movie won't make you a great MC, but if you have it in you, it will probably help.

Who ever said hip hop had to be profound? Though Zion I have always been a group who aren't afraid of making dancefloor-friendly music, in 'Coastin' they take corniness so far, it might as well be called Cornballin'.

Keep it real, you say? Well, it doesn't get much realer than this. While the title may suggest another pompous attempt to try and say something inspiring and ‘deep’, this song delivers without trying.

This wasn't the first Roots Manuva song I ever heard (it probably was his 2001 classic Witness) but it was what got me hooked. At the time, I could only


Let me introduce you to the marvellous world of the american 80s, where the struggle between Reaganist forces, liberal-progressive oriented and social minorities was fought in the field of film production.

Most rappers speak on their ways and promote it. However Eyedea, like a comedian does, speaks openly about his flaws and habits in a humorous way and his perspective surprised me.

Cesar Comanche, born Christopher Robinson, is known for creating music in a way he believes is best...

One of the main obstacles of the turntable being accepted as an instrument has been the abundance of a method to write down the sounds a turntablist plays ...

How much of an issue is race in relation to authenticity in Hip Hop? This is the longest running and an ongoing argument in hip hop .. Read More ...

In the world of hip hop music, of course, there are other roles. One kind of hip hop artist that tends to get overshadowed by rappers is the producer: he who creates the beats.

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Low and behold. It is I, the follower of Bokonon, the humble loopdigger who only leaves his existential crisis for a gram of Pollem and winegums. Shedding light on topics cloaked in darkness, revealing...

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