Blu & Exile – She Said It’s OK

Blu & Exile – She Said It’s OK

What does this track have in common with Nas’ The World Is Yours and Jeru The Damaja’s Me Or The Papers?  Both Exile, Pete Rock and Premo decided to sample Ahmad Jamal’s I love music from 1970, sounds familiar?

The follow up from the in 2007 released Below the Heavens, touches ground unmixed and mastered end 2011. Rapper Blu and producer Exile’s Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them was recorded over 2009. Though it is an illusion to think they would top  BTH, it has a few songs worthy, like this.

Amongst this listen to The Only One and More Out Of Life. Short after release, listeners complained about the album’s audio quality, until they reassured all an official high quality release in the near future. And so we wait …

‘On that new height, talking like I grew like seven inches
Great vision, I make predictions on the state of spittin
Wack rappers will remain gettin a gang of riches, and lame bitches
I’m in the game lane switching, already late bruh
Got no time to hit the brakes or the switches
Blaze off J’s and the Swishers
Tobacco’s for wack folks, yo, my black hope used to whisper’


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