Brother Ali on ‘The Hip Hop Battle: Cultural Catalyst vs. Colonial Consumption’...

Brother Ali on ‘The Hip Hop Battle: Cultural Catalyst vs. Colonial Consumption’ (Video)


This is for the Hip Hop scholars out there. I came across this speech from the Chicago Ideas week and got sucked in by Brother Ali’s vision.

“Brother Ali will be talking about hip-hop inequality and breaking it down to pose the question of whether it is a cultural catalyst or colonial consumption. His plan is to challenge people looking for an authentic hip-hop experience.”

He breaks down the variety of Hip Hop artists to the courses of a meal. You got The Appetizer, which is the light hearted and happy rap, then The Meat which is the artistic excellence type of music, third, The Vegetables, which is the music with goals or purpose and finally The Dessert, which is music about sex, weed, etc. He stresses how the majority of todays Hip Hop would represent The Dessert and we humans, need healthy, versatile nutrition, just like your earholes, word?

“There is still meaningful music being made though, you just have to search for it”

Enjoy this piece of thought and let us know or share how you feel about the Cultural Catalyst vs. Colonial Consumption statement. Peace!

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