Zo! Phonte & Eric Roberson – We Are On The Move

The visuals to Zo! ft. Eric Roberson & Phonte 'We On The Move' dropped today and are nothing short of funky and amusing, sweet and simple. Inspired by The Whisperers, I can't help but move while watching it ..

Another Hip Hop artist from New Zealand dropping gems lately. We did a short interview with Raiza Biza speaking on his 3 albums, life and the Hip Hop scene in NZ and other matters ..

Now highlighted is the the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' series from the 2009 album 'Self Explanatory'. I'm sure you're familiar with the choose your own adventure concept. There's the beginning of a story and at some point...

Most people think school and education go hand in hand, but in the words of Suli Breaks; ‘If there was a family tree, hard work and education would be related. But school would probably be a distant cousin.’

Attempting to recreate electronic beats with his live instruments BinkBeats dropped a sequel of impressive multi-instrument covers,which really went viral when he dropped the Dilla video last week. Here is the full collection of videos from the Beats Unraveled project ..

In any relationship with two or more people involved, both sides expect a certain level of loyalty from one another. If you search for definitions of Loyalty you will get variations of the following: "moral commitment, tenacity, or adherence to a commitment, bond, or obligation".

Keep it real, you say? Well, it doesn't get much realer than this. While the title may suggest another pompous attempt to try and say something inspiring and ‘deep’, this song delivers without trying.

This wasn't the first Roots Manuva song I ever heard (it probably was his 2001 classic Witness) but it was what got me hooked. At the time, I could only

The truth behind Joeys Hardknock hit and how he took a Lewis Parker '98 beat, didn't flip a thing and released it as is, without permission. A certain letdown, but truth be told!

Pete Philly and Perquisite were a Dutch MC and composer/producer duo that released their first project together in 2004.

The name Khrysis sounded familiar but it took a Google search for me to connect the dots and not so surprisingly found that he's an in-house producer of the Justus League, one of my favorite Hip Hop collectives. No wonder I'm diggin' the sounds.

As all good things come to an end, let's remember this spot and celebrate its existence. I collected the most beautiful, most legendary and most impressive pictures of 5 Pointz to pay a little tribute, realize its collective beauty and smile upon it.

I believe many of y'all already are familiar with this dope street art project, reaching all through New York City. A lot of street corners were 'tagged' with one of these 'street signs'.

Filipino but Seattle-based MC Art of Verse brings you the recognizable lyrics and mellow vibes with a big smile and a sharp brain. We were interested and he was humbled so read the full interview on thrive and tribulations, Hip Hop, music and inspirations right here ..

Where the majority of artists, and righteously so, tend to perform their latest & greatest hits, Jean states and gives further insight into why she surprises to perform the songs nobody in the audience knows, “we never do the same show twice”

We highly recommended for Hiphoppas to check this out if they want some independent information without censorship. The Alex Jones Show brings the latest news and interviews to freedom fighters and truthseekers ..
Man of Booom

Man of Booom just released their debut Back To The Booom and put me right in the super fan spot. Read why and stream the album right here ..

I have been struggling to write about this magnificent piece of art even before I had put one letter down. Never before had a poem made this much impact on me and up until this day, none equalized.

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