Cesar Comanche – Die In Your Lap

Cesar Comanche – Die In Your Lap

“I’m just letting you know I’m not perfect
I’ve done my share of things
Well in fact, I have horns
But then a set of wings on my back”

Being one of my personal favorites, I just had to share this gem with y’all. Especially since this lost video re-appeared a short while ago.

Cesar Comanche, born Christopher Robinson, is known for creating music in a way he believes is best instead of being pressured by record labels and executives. And when listening to it, I must say he definitely chose the right path. Being introduced to Hip Hop by his sister in 1979, he immediately fell in love with it.

While being a student in 1996, Comanche met classmate Pat Douthit, now known as 9th Wonder, and soon began working with him. 18 months later, in 1999, they founded the Justus League.

Since then Comanche has released 7 solo albums with the latest addition being Itch Remedy, released in 2011. His upcoming release will be the album ‘Like A Night In The Thief’, which will be featuring artists like 9th Wonder, Khrysis & Kash. Besides releasing solo albums he’s been featured on 14 albums and engineered another 14 albums. He has performed with a great range of artists like Tha Liks, Hieroglyphics, Supastition, Faust & Shortee, DJ Dez, DJ Houseshoes, Dilated Peoples, Living Legends, Wordsworth, Aceyalone, O.C. and many others.

This article is written by DJ Nekst Won – HipHop DJ/Turntablist since 1999 – Addicted to Golden Era Boombap.


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