Choose Your Own Adventure, Classifieds Hip Hop Video Edition

Choose Your Own Adventure, Classifieds Hip Hop Video Edition

I never heard of Classified before I came across the track Hard to be Hip Hop on dear old YouTube some time ago. When I Google searched him (where would we be without the interwebs?) I found out this Canadian producer / MC released his first full length LP ‘Time’s up, kid’ in 1995(!) and has been steady busy since.

I’m talking 15 studio albums in 18 years busy. This guy has collaborated with Royce da 5’9, opened shows for Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes and Nas (to name a few) and went platinum several times in Canada. To me, it sounds like Classified has most definitely earned his stripes over the years.

Now highlighted is the the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ series from the 2009 album ‘Self Explanatory’. I’m sure all of you are familiar with the choose your own adventure concept. There’s the beginning of a story and at some point, you can choose what happens next. Sort of interactive, even though all the options are laid out for you.. This interaction turns you from ‘passive’ listener into the role of protagonist, in charge of the main characters actions and turn of the plot.
Never before had I seen this with Hip Hop tracks. Which doesn’t make sense, because rapping is a form of story telling right? But who would think of this? Classified did.

He didn’t do it on his own! He invited his crew and because of that the series doesn’t get tedious. There are different beats, different vibes, different flows and different people, but everything comes together just perfectly. That’s why I love this series so much; it’s unique, creative and everything makes sense.

Click below to start off with part 1. After that; Choose Your Own Adventure!

Tip: Open the clip in YouTube so you can click on the second video of choice immediately after watching the first video. For some reason, that doesn’t work from here.