Da Bush Babees – Remember We

Da Bush Babees – Remember We

Da Bush Babies consists of members Babe-B-Face Kaos/Lee Majors, Mister Man/Lord Khaliyl and Y-Tee/Light from Jamaica and Trinidad and are loosely affiliated with the Native Tongues collective.

This is a straight up headnodding Hip Hop classic, and yet I find heads not knowing it. Which might be due to the fact that the group only released 2 albums in ’94 and ’96 and left it at that.

[doptoggle title=”‘Do you remember how it was when we were not who we are
When people didn’t think that we would get this far
I never really thought about being a star” icon=5 activeicon=6] But if you phat, you phat, so you are who ya are
Back in the past, I used to be … but now whos the … kissing my…
Girls never kissed me, always tried to diss me
But now its like the whole world is hanging with me
But still I maintain my focus
And watch where I’m headed
Cause truth must be spread and lies must get bedded
So open your eyes, cause were the same old guys
But now i got more friends then world has flies
And the I (eye) do not understand what is the reason for the treasonal behavior
Save that nonsense for later It seems you have forgotten that the original being that your seeing
Was not always MC’n I used to get rejected,
Neglected and dejected, Disrespected,
Treated like I was infected
But straight from black-alack comes the acrobat
And you were sayin’ I would never get phat, remember that?’ [/doptoggle]
At some point they did start to perform again by the name of Dub Rock Allstars and rumor has it, a new album is in the making. When I had a listen to their recent work though, I was mad dissapointed and got right back to my track from back in the day: Remember we?! Produced by Joe Prins Matias and from the debut album Ambushed.

And if you like that, check out another classic, their We Run Things (It’s Like That), and the following playlist. ‘It’s like this y’all, it’s like that y’all. We represent the hip hop, but not the rap y’all’

bush-baby-helloAnd if I ever happen to run into them, I’ll def ask what made them decide to call themselves after these little creepers, hahaha. Peace!


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