De La Soul – Much More

De La Soul – Much More

“And what we have is much more than they can see”

Another Dilla and De La Soul collaboration, with DJ Premier on the intro and Yummy Elizabeth Bingham on the chorus. Yummy who? The name may not sound familiar, but her voice sure does after delivering vocals for artists as Talib Kweli, Black Sheep, TiRon, Busta Rhymes, Lupe Fiasco, The Game, Ja Rule and for De La Soul repeatedly. This is from their 7th and until this day last official studio album from ’04, The Grind Date.

When the first single and video Shopping Bag of the album came out, BET refused to play it. Their reasoning was it wasn’t appealing and relevant to their target audience. Ehm reality check? Black Entertainment Television with the main focus on rap and R&B music videos? Oh well, too bad for De La Soul missing out on the media exposure. But no complains, I guess I can only praise them for not confusing Hip Hop with Rap and R&B, right?


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