DJ Jazzy Jeff – For Da Luv Of Da Game

DJ Jazzy Jeff – For Da Luv Of Da Game

The man we all know from starting out on the golden Fresh Prince & Jazz duo with Will Smith and their convincing acting and summer songs.
But he came a long way since winning the first rap Grammy, and for his 2002 album The Magnificent album he worked with Jill Scott, Boyz II Men, J-Live, The Last Emperor, Questlove and Kev Brown.
And on this track with Paul Yams and Baby Blak. In 2007, he dropped The Return of the Magnificent, also worth checking out.

Enjoy and stick to the motto ..

‘Love what you do and do what you love, represent for hip hop not for rap

I got love for the game that’s why I’m rhyming always stay in the booth
Never lying to the people always telling the truth
I feel the bass in my chest give power to songs
Girl ripping when I’m home about the hours I’m gone
I can’t help it the studio where paul be at
Tried to walk away from it but it called me back
Forget my pride shit I even quit my job
For the one that I love to work music
Recognised by my art that I spill in my game
Pour my heart on the track and have you feeling my pain
Seen a lot of hard times on the way to success
When I’m mad writing a rhyme is my way to express
Lay back and fall deep in a verse
If I was out in the street yo
I probably lay a sleep in a hearse
There’s nothing like when you on a mic tearing a track
Then you come from out the booth and start hearing it back
Everybody their love the sound that’s why they give you hugs and pounds
Now you know you was spittin’ it
You got the whole run vibing the same
You ain’t doing this for dollars and chains
You got love for the game’


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