DJ Reci-P’s All Star Remix: Good Feelin’ by Capitol 1212 ft. Donald...

DJ Reci-P’s All Star Remix: Good Feelin’ by Capitol 1212 ft. Donald D, Akil the MC, DJ Ready Cee, Rebels to the Grain & More

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This is the exclusive release of the Good Feelin’ single of the upcoming We Don’t Stop E.P which Donald D & DJ Reci-P are planning to release in a few months.

With the number and nature of the features, you’d expect this to be one big party, and it def sounds like it. This track anticipates me for the Spring and Summer season of 2014.

You can expect this on heavy rotation at radio stations such as Breakbeats & Rhymes, hosted by Rebels To The Grain and one of the last FM stations (90.7) in LA that still airs that classic era of rap.

The original line up is Capitol 1212 featuring Mike G (Jungle Brothers), Cadence, MCM and Dizzy Dustin (Ugly Duckling) & DJ Sheep but DJ Reci-P went and replenished. 

This may leave you wondering how the track came to be, as told by its originator DJ Reci-P and with background information added by us:

The original is actually one of my favourite songs of the last few years and thought it would be dope to do my own remix/version of it. I hit up my homie DJ Fly-T of Capitol 1212 to ask if they were cool with that, and they were. I wanted to keep the remix on that same vibe and topic as the original; positive, happy, party feeling, didn’t want to change the beat too much and as the saying goes ‘if it ain’t broke ..’. Instead, I decided to get a fresh line up of MC’s on the track.

Throw in the mix; elements of Hip Hop, Jungle, Dancehall, Ska and Reggae, add conscious lyrics, big bass lines and a big dose of carnival and you start to get close to describing the Capitol 1212 sound. Consisting of Professa Fresh and Fly T, both Edinburgh based DJ’s/producers, the main objective is always to make you feel like you’re at carnival.

The 1st Mc to put a verse down was Skenkie, one day when we were chillin’ at his place, the topic of the remix came up and he was down to jump on it.

Around the same time I was already in the middle of working on a Dubstep/Hip Hop song with Donald D with a talented young UK producer called Boson. I thought the good feelin’ beat would suit Don D’s style perfectly plus he always brings positivity and a message in his rhymes which goes well with the theme of the song. He agreed and suggested that we should do a Donald D & DJ Reci-P project, which naturally I jumped onto and felt honoured to be able to work with such a Hip Hop Legend and Pioneer.

Donald D first exploded on the scene with Afrika Islam and The Zulu Nation. He built his rep on the streets as a storytelling MC, but still had the freestyle skills. Releasing classics with Grandmaster Flash, Grandmaster Caz, Ice-T, The B-Boys, and continuously touring the globe this man should be a household name. Read our full interview with him here ..

I connected with Akil through a mutual friend, I told him about the idea and also he agreed to put a verse on it. I was a huge fan of Jurassic 5 when growing up so to work with one of the members was amazing.

Akil The MC Akil was a regular on the L.A. Hip Hop scene performing with his group Rebels Of Rhythm that later on joined forces with Unity Comitee to become Jurassic 5. Besides lending his expertise in penmen ship, Akil also added his talent as a producer to help create the Jurassic 5 formula and continues to practice his crafts to this day.

It was originally just these 3 MC’s on the song but I felt it still needed an intro at the start and maybe another verse. DJ Ready Cee had already done the drop for me and although it was never intended for this song, it fitted in well so.

DJ Ready Cee from Houston is classed a Hip Hop legend, spinning for over 20 years, developing a strong hold within the mixtape game by releasing over 100 titles and hosting the iconic Ready Cee radio Show from NYC that that today is continued as a weekly podcast.

I first meet Rebels to the Grain last year when I was out in L.A. I’d already heard their music and their stuff reminded me of early Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul type flava, but it wasn’t till the following month when I was back in NL, I was listening to their new album Fine Wine, when it occurred to me that they would fit perfect to do the other verse.

Besides hosting the radio show RTTG, consisting of MP and Cheddy/Stuckinthetrees, drop hard hitting beats, melodic vocals and energetic presence on their debut There’s Something in the Seeds and their second album Harvest Season. 

Then I had MC’s from 3 generations on the one track so it was kind of the missing piece to the puzzle.

Thus DJ Reci-P who shares another track from the upcoming Donald D. and DJ Reci-P EP below.

Peace out!


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