Eric B. and Rakim – What’s On Your Mind

Eric B. and Rakim – What’s On Your Mind

‘Then after that get into it, I mean intimate
Every word is an instrument
Making sounds and tones and songs and moans
My lips so close to your ear, it’s like headphones
You smile, you said you never know what the day will bring
It’s always a new song to sing

Cut off the lights, use your mind to see me,
Use your physical form if I’m hard to find
‘Cause now I know what’s on your mind’

‘And if you hide your feelings and they hard to find. I wanna know what’s on your mind’.

Another classic from the acclaimed duo. This is the radio friendly single from their last studio album from ’92 Dont Sweat the technique. And also, the soundtrack for the comedy House Party 2 in ’91, about a crazy pyjama party with Kid ‘N Play, Martin Lawrence and Queen Latifah. Eric sampling Midnight Star’s Curious and Rakim delivering fine rhymes. Enjoy XN.


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