Erykah Badu – Telephone

Erykah Badu – Telephone

Nothing but love for the soft and almost meditating sound, but what’s really fascinating about this track; is the story behind it.

Telephone, it’s Old Dirty. He wants to give you directions home”

Ma Dukes, Dilla’s mom, told Erykah that the last days before JD’s passing, he went in and out of consciousness. During this hallucinogenic states he was having visions and conversations with people, including ODB that gave him directions for the afterlife. Dirty told Dilla that once he gets to the other side, to take the white bus to heaven and not the red one though it might look inviting.

The ode to JD and ODB ended up as the closing song of New Amerykah Part 1 – 4th World War. Produced by Questlove and James Poyser, and sampling Mantronix’s King of the Beats.

I love the cover art for New Amerykah part one and two which, I found out after some research, is from visual artist and friend Emek.

This is what he said about working with Erykah: “In this day and age of high speed internet and robotic carrier pigeons what kind of musician would fly an artist halfway across the country just to discuss the ideas of the album cover in person? And then cook them a wonderful vegan meal and play charades with her kids? Erykah, thats who”

Which once again underlines what a wonderful woman and special person she is, praaaaise Miss Badu! You can check out some more Emek&Erykah artwork and a his self-mocking, clever bio on his website.


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