Exhibition: ‘REVOLUTIONS’ by Mike Makatron

Exhibition: ‘REVOLUTIONS’ by Mike Makatron

Mike Makatron rolled into Sydney last week ahead of his first exhibition in the city.

REVOLUTIONS‘ opens at The Tate, 345 Glebe Point Road, Glebe on Wednesday 17 April at 6pm and the exhibition runs until Sunday the 21st.

Over the weekend Maka hit up The Lybrary and put some paint on the walls.  A massive thanks goes out to our comrades at The Lybrary for making the walls available! Beautiful people, respirators, bare feet, good food, cold beers, great tunes, the smell of fresh spray paint…easy as you like on a Sunday!

Maka was not alone on the wall.  French artist, Jaws, currently living in Melbourne made the trip over with Maka and between the two of them they have created a hive for the residents of Chippendale and the City of Sydney.

More images of the completed works of both artists will be dropped soon but for now we will leave you with Jaws in the shadows.    To The Tate!!