Gangstarr ft. Total – Discipline

Gangstarr ft. Total – Discipline

During a clean-up session in the room I’ve had since my 6th a lost cassette tape popped up on which I found an bedroom but recorded radio show hosted by my 8 your old self. Interviewing my little brother, and announcing and recording and playing songs from the radio. Laughing my ass off about the Britney and Christinas on there, I was happily surprised to find I also put this up and was happily singing/blabbering along.

This is some ultimate 90s with our finest duo Guru and DJ Premier featuring New Jersey R&B girlgroup Total. You might think you don’t know ’em, but Kima, Keisha and Pam sang on various songs which I am sure you ‘ve also sang along to. Their first appearance was on Biggie’s Juicy, the collaboration to be continued on One More Chance and with Pam on Hypnotize. In return B.I.G. did a guest verse on their first single Can’t You See. They also did the chorus on LL Cool J’s – Loungin’ and Mase – What You Want. Yeayea you know now. In ’99 this single with Gangstarr was released as one of their last.

To this day, one of my favorite and most to-the-heart songs.

“Situations like this, will make you think twice. That’s why instead of preaching death in my songs, I breathe life. And just because I want to it don’t mean I will. And just because I’m angry it don’t mean I’d kill. And just because she looks good, it don’t mean I’d hit it. And just because I’m horny, it don’t mean I’m with it. Just because I make records, don’t mean that I’m gassed. And just because I’m rapping, don’t mean I chase ass. And just because I’m whyling, don’t mean I can’t stop. I got discipline baby whether you  do or not”

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