Gebakken Muren – Tika Talent 9/’13

Gebakken Muren – Tika Talent 9/’13

Gebakken Muren or translated ‘Baked Walls’ is an art group based in Utrecht, the Netherlands and consisting out of 4 members at the moment. Over time people came and left. Today the members are: Tristan Hageman, David Roben, Nahuel Garcia and Ramin Nazari.

When they started, they immediately were successful and did some nice projects such as a live-art performance at ‘De Effenaar’ Stage in Eindhoven and working together on an artwork with Graffiti writers on the ‘Cross Culture’ festival where DJ Shadow was performing. They also made live art at a couple of Hip Hop events.

Yesterday I sat down with David Roben and Ramin Nazari for a quick Q&A to find out more about where their inspiration comes from and how they came to be “Baked Walls”.


Q: How did Hip Hop influence your life and your art?

David: Well we draw and express what goes around in our heads… But the music we listen to when we draw is mostly Hip Hop.

Ramin: Sometimes we incorporate little things that gives a Hip Hop vibe, for example the clothing our creatures wear sometimes. That and peace love unity & having fun is a big part of “Gebakken Muren” because the only time we fight is when something for school has to be done and we’re running out of time. That’s the only time.  “Baked walls” is really Something from nothing… We make art from scratch but for me personally it showed another world outside of my own. It was a world of self-expression and by exploring that world I could free my mind. When I was very young I did a little bit of bboying in my living room and soon after that I discovered rap and beatboxing and I always was drawing on the way.


Q: Where did the name “Baked Walls” come from?

Ramin: The name Baked Walls was just randomly made up by Tristan. Tristan comes up with a lot of things spontaneously, so we don’t really know how he came up with it.

David: Later on I started making jokes like: ‘We’re fucking baked son!’ And well.. At thoses time we all smoked a lot of weed and we were actually baked at gigs so: Baked Walls!

Q: How would you describe the art “Baked walls” makes? 

David: Messy, interesting, fun drawings.

Ramin: Developed children’s drawings

Q: Who influenced you guys and your art and what is “Baked walls” today??

Ramin: There are many different artists that inspired us. One of them has got to be McBess; he combines cartoons with realistic in an amazing way. Then there’s Pat Perry; he just draws great. He can draw everything every way, from hyper realistic artworks and portraits to insane drawings of lions on bikes. And street artist Zed1; he is retro. He puts the classic drawing style in a new jacket. Also a big shout out to Thijmen Geluk. He was my teacher on drawing techniques and on creativity, he’s on a very high level. Supakitch has the most tightest lines. His works are so incredibly detailed and the feeling he puts into that is really characteristic. And then there is Takashi Murakami who creates entire cartoon worlds who are graphically so brilliant and complex…. All of these people are examples for how self-development and practice are always rewarded.


Q: What do you hope to accomplish with “Baked walls”?

Ramin: Well, in 2 years I’d like us to have our own building which we can use as our atelier, office, clothing store, workspace and silent disco.

Then in 5 to 10 years I’d like “Gebakken Muren” to have expositions all over the world. Going to different countries for the experience of it all and see the art in those countries and especially; be inspired.

I want us to be an international known group of artists and I would like our clothing brand to be a statement to wear around the globe.

At the end of the day we are just 4 kids who draw on walls and like to use our creative minds. We want to improve our skills every drawing we do.

After all, it’s not what we draw. It’s how we draw it.

See the extensive gallery below for some examples of their work. For more information and contact can also check out their website (Dutch) here and like them on facebook here.


Roy Becker among other names known as Be Loyal began dancing as a little kid in the late 90's and fell in love with Hiphop Kulture and the Street dances in 2002. he always had this thirst for Knowledge about Hiphop Kulture ever since he came into contact with it. later he started teaching 5 Bboy's which formed The Unstoppable Crew. he studies Audio Visual Media. and has been organizing Hip Hop events since 2012. We are Hiphop.