Grand Wizard Theodore ‘inventor of the Scratch’

Grand Wizard Theodore ‘inventor of the Scratch’

NYC’s Grand Wizard Theodore is credited as being the inventor of the scratch & master of the needle drop.’ Not even to get started about his appearances in the first Hip Hop movie Wildstyle and the DJ docu Scratch, the legendary phrase ‘say turn it up’, collaborating with The Fantastic 5 and apprenticing under Grand Master Flash. With his brother mentoring him since an early age, it is clear we are not dealing with any medium DJ here. He still does showcases as a member of the Universal Zulu Nation, Bambaata’s Hip Hop awareness organization.

So last weekend, 3 December, he was at the GoodGod Small Club in Sydney. With promotion lines like this: ‘Don’t miss the man with the flawless Needle Drop as he plays a 2 hour set of turntablism meets party rocking B-Boy breaks & beats supported by some of Australia’s most respected DJs’, it is not hard to guess I was there. In between the moving and grooving, it didn’t botter to just pause, stand still and observe his turntablism skills.

He certainly realized the promise, and I recommend every one of y’all to check him and the Zulu Nation out, representing what we love about Hip Hop. If you don’t have the chance, for now check out the aforesaid and must see documentary Scratch from 2001. Various pioneers give you a history overview and provide insight in one of one of the elements, DJ’ing. Check the trailer below, and view the full film on the TopDocumentaryFilms.Com.


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