Inside the Indie Label – Interview with Essenchill

Inside the Indie Label – Interview with Essenchill

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In Inside the Indie Label we introduce a couple of really good, but lesser known in the world, record labels. Split into two, we started part 1 with Introducing Essenchill, and we continue the saga with an interview with its artists, Ed Rowe, Concept, MKV, Es and Lucri. 

1. The name of your record label sounds really good and appropriate to the music you’re releasing. What does Essenchill stand for, and could you elaborate on this to all The Tika’s readers?


The concept behind Essenchill is to provide music that is not only essential, but also relaxed and chill.  I came up with the term while working with Concept on our first album. Concept has a distinctive jazzy boom-bap flavor to his production, and when combined with my knack for being a conscientious artist, it exuded a smooth yin and yang synergy. This fusion of styles enabled us to deliver much-needed content (Essential), in a laid-back style (Chill).

2. Essenchill Records is a new record label, but there are a couple of artists from different countries and continents, who are collaborating together. So, please introduce Essenchill’s roster to people.


I’m a producer/designer & old school hip-hop enthusiast from Auckland, New Zealand. I have been making beats for 7 or so years now, I’ve lost count. I’m also a co-founder of Essenchill Records.


MC/Producer originally from Chicago, but I live in Pittsburgh, PA now, I’m also part of a group called Lucid Music. I’ve been making music for about 14 years and rocking shows for 8 years.


Based out of Mississauga (suburb of Toronto), Es is an avid fan of hip hop as well as a student of hip hop. Inspired by influences from the golden era of hip hop and music in general, Es makes a conscious effort to take it back to the essence of hip hop… hard beats and raw rhymes. Since 1991, Es has been writing rhymes on and off as a hobby with no real intent to enter the music industry. It has and will always be for the love. This is the approach he has taken towards writing, recording and performing.

During the course of Es’ album promo, he entered a song contest hosted by reputable online hip hop blogsite Out of a field of 200+ participants, Es placed 3rd overall. The eventual winner Ed Rowe and Es later met through Facebook where correspondence through mutual respect for one another’s music would later unite the two. Ed Rowe later recruited Es to join the Essenchill Records family in the summer of 2013.


Atlanta based emcee originally from Brooklyn.  I pride myself on being a conscientious lyricist who inspires listeners (as well as myself) to strive for greatness in all walks of life. I’ve been writing off and on periodically since 1999, but only started releasing projects in 2011. I’m also a co-founder of Essenchill Records.


I am a producer hailing from Poland by the name of LucriCausa – a nick name which means “For the sake of gain”.  I’ve been interested in hip hop for a long time, and it has always been a fun hobby until around 2012, when I began to treat my skills in production more professionally.

3. What is most important to every independent music artist at the moment? How did you determine who to reach out to as far as true supporters and people who are interested in Essenchill Records’ releases?


The most important thing for every independent music artist is getting the music heard. There is so much competition out there with everyone and their dog rapping these days. Couple that with the short attention span of today’s listener and there you have the motivating force for every artist.

As far as who the target audience is for Essenchill Records releases… it would have to be true fans of that raw, authentic, organic hip hop vibe. People looking to hear truth, witty lyricism, introspective flows over soulful, jazzy, hard hitting production need to look no further than the Essenchill Records roster.


My main goal is to make good quality hip hop and build a solid fan base to hopefully tour one day. As far as who to reach out to…. everyone, we’re reaching out to anybody that loves true school hip hop and even if you don’t we’re still bringing it to you.


Exposure, exposure, Eexposure! It’s difficult enough for an Emcee to distinguish one’s self amongst big name artists on major labels, but now there’s more and more competition to contend with on the underground circuit. Being talented is great and all, but with no acknowledgement of said talent, it won’t count for much.


I think first and foremost creating good music with substance, and honest expression is important to every artist. We reach out to smaller blogs and groups of listeners that are open to hearing new names and sounds. Of course fans of the Golden Era will automatically feel right at home with Essenchill. I’m just happy to get people to listen these days! There is such an overwhelming abundance of hip hop online nowadays, I like to think of our label as a rare gem in the crate.

4. How would you describe the musical style of all artists on Essenchill Records?


The artists on the Essenchill Records label can be described as fans, lovers and enthusiasts of hip hop. Hiphop music rooted in soul and jazz. The Emcees in particular can be described as Emcees that embody the phrase “grown man rap”. Ed Rowe, MKV and Es are mature artists lyrically who devote passion and truth into every lyric. Concept (producer) provides soulful, jazzy 90’s inspired boom bap backdrops that provide the sonic landscape for the Emcees to build on. LucriCausa is the newest beatmaker to join the team. He has got some fire in the arsenal. Witold and Ranita support the team on the blogging, marketing and web presence side of things. All play an integral role in getting the brand out there to the masses.

5. Is there any place for newcomers and upcoming artists? Are you looking forward to collaborating with more artists, who could release their music on Essenchill? How can people contact your record label and show their music?


We are always looking for new artists on the same wave length. Essenchill is built on friendship, so there are no label pressures, or control in terms of music – we just want it to sound dope! We tend to recruit and collaborate with people who are talented and passionate about true hip hop and don’t mind helping out others on the label. We all pitch in for promotion and what not, its about moving forward together. You can contact us through the links below:

Website: / Facebook: / Twitter: / E-mail: info[at]

6. How about your plans for the next months? What can listeners expect from Essenchill this year?


We have a full roster of releases this year, so far in the works we have:

Es – Aspire to Inspire (EP)

Ed Rowe – What’s Going On (Video)

Ed Rowe / Sleep Sinatra / Concept (EP)

MKV & Concept (EP)

LucriCausa (LP)

Ed Rowe & Concept (LP)

Essenchill Records – V.A (EP)

Many of these releases will be free, so please take the time to check them out!

7. Music websites became very popular influencing many listeners, but most of the sites usually provide the same content making it difficult for up and coming artists to get noticed by writers. Why does this happen to so many websites and artists across the globe now? 


My friends and I talk about this a lot actually. Technology today is a catch 22. It’s definitely made it easier for the independent artist from sites like bandcamp, facebook, you tube and Twitter, When I first started, MySpace was just kind of catching on.

Music is more available to audiences than ever before.  The downside is that anyone & everyone can put out music, causing the internet to become oversaturated. Despite the excessive amount of music in circulation, there’s good music being made everyday just gotta search for it, but it’s out there.

Essenchill Records would like to send out a special thanks to, their readers, and all of the fans who continue to support our music.  We look forward to bringing you more great music in 2014 and beyond. Peace!


Founder, editor-in-chief & CEO for U Call That Love. Member of indie hip hop record label Essenchill Records. Promoter of indie records from underground artists from all around the world. Hip hop scholar and a fan of old school and 90's.