Inside The Indie Label: Introducing Essenchill Records

Inside The Indie Label: Introducing Essenchill Records


There is many indie record labels, which try to get noticed now by a larger niche of music websites and listeners. Nowadays it seems that every month a few new labels come out and they are working hard to reach music lovers with their releases. Nonetheless, many writers and common listeners do not pay attention to upcoming record labels and still we have the write-ups about the same big publishers.

I would like to introduce to The Tika’s readers a couple of really good, but lesser known in the world, record labels. At the beginning of this series of articles dedicated to labels, I recommend you to check out Essenchill Records, which is a home for essential hip hop.

Essenchill Records

The idea of launching an indie record label based on soulful and jazz-hop records came from American rapper Ed Rowe and New Zealand producer Concept. In August 2013 the duo had released a dope and a cohesive album entitled “Essenchill”. This project is full of classy instrumentals built on jazz and soul samples and witty lyrics.

Emerging from the haze of polluted sound waves comes a breath of fresh air: “Essenchill” – says Ed Rowe & Concept. “Amidst a chilled collective of soulful, jazzy, boombap rhythms, flows vitally poignant lyricism, embodying perspectives on meditation, family, and overcoming life’s obstacles. “Essenchill” will engage listeners of all ages and backgrounds, while still appealing to true hip-hop heads.

Later Concept dropped an instrumental version of “Essenchill”, which is highly recommended too. Vocal version of the album is available in digital via Bandcamp, as well as you can cop this project on CD’s via Underground Hip Hop.

Both artists found common ground and decided to work together and launch a record label for true school underground hip hop heads. Long story short, Ed Rowe & Concept picked up a name for their label – Essenchill Records – and then linked up with another quality artists; MKV from Pittsburgh, US and Es from Mississauga, Canada. So far this record label have released a couple of projects. “When The Pieces Come Together” is a collaborative EP from Concept & MKV, which was dropped in October 2013. The EP is a really nice from this duo; especially people who love to discover contemporary hip hop music influenced by 90’s, you shall find something really interesting on this 7-track EP. This record is a free download – so be sure to check it out on Bandcamp.

In December Essenchill Records helped to release new Ed Rowe’s album, “Exercise InTuition”. This time the American Emcee from Atlanta teamed up with Ukrainian producer Klim Beats, who handled the production of full LP. Packed with easily relatable messages of rebirth, self-education, and discovering true joy, listeners will find this album to be a groove-filled journey worthy of continuous replay. Every track on this release provides dope sounds for thinking fan’s kind of hip hop music. You can stream and/or download “Exercise InTuition” on Bandcamp, so do not waste your time and get know more about this wonderful project.

The last one project created by the artists collaborating with Essenchill Records is MKV & Adamatic’s “Changes”. Originally the album was released in Januray 2013, but the two decided to re-release it along with 2 bonus tracks for free download via Bandcamp. This 10-track EP is definitely a release, which should be noticed and appreciated by fans of classic hip hop music. The album features MKV’s meaningful, personal, and uplifting lyrics, which are expertly laid on top of Adamatic’s signature style of hip-hop production, which tends to be deep, melodic, and electronic influence.

If you are looking for an indie record label, who treats its artists as real friends and do not use them to only for making money, and you are tired of newschool rappers and producers… Essenchill Records is something for you. ER is going to drop a bunch of new records in 2014, so do not sleep! Follow this home of true school hip hop on Facebook and Twitter.