J Boog – Let’s Do It Again

J Boog – Let’s Do It Again

Warning: extremely catchy and addictive.

This tune is from the J Boog EP from 2011, but has been previously released as a single on J Boog’s label, Wash House Music. Cali’s Jarell Damonte Houston is a former member of B2K, just like Jhene Aiko. He starred in the dancemovie You Got Served, Step Up 2 and Steppin’ and is now working on the 3D movie Hype Nation. He brought out quite some new material last year, which promises good things coming up.

‘Nice to nice to know ya, let’s do it again
How we did it on a one night stand
Girl i wanna be more then a friend .. to ya

It was like food for all of my senses
Our time priced is so expensive
Like water to all them dry trenches
She had a theme song for her, every entrance
We had a dinner and a movie
Fire up the doobie
Raised vibes for this girl, scoot closer to me
I call her babe, she call me boogie
Her beauty intelligence, really moves me’


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