Jean Grae @ GoodGodSmallClub review

Jean Grae @ GoodGodSmallClub review


Wednesday 4th of January I was present at a Jean Grae show in Sydney’s small Good God Small Club. Around 10 when  MK-1 started his set, he included live performances from female emcees Mirrah, Alfamama, Anita, Sarah Connor and Nikkita and a 30 minute cypher with Matuse, Ellesquire, C-major, Rappaport and more participants. This mini showcase of talented, local artist, to be watched above, warmed up the crowd. When Jean got on stage it was plain to tell she reached  a ‘high fuckery level’ due to a fair amount of alcohol in her body. But with her DJ, background singer and bad self she managed to put on an interactive, intimate and haphazard, but fun show. She finished with a yet unknown track and You&Me&Everyone We Know from her new album, which you can listen to below. Can’t get enough of this jazzy, by M-Phazes produced tune which leaves high expectations for the upcoming Cake Or Death.

U & Me & Everyone We Know by Jeangreasy

‘I never stopped feeling the love for ya; I just stopped being the one for ya
I think
Too much
Over analyzing everything sucks
I’m over over-dramatizing everything but
You’re never on the level I’m on, unless we’re cut-ting
Plus then we never argued when thrusting but then
After all, it just turns to dust, brother
Swear I’d never love another if this really worked out
But this is just like watching fitness informercials from the couch, ouch
I know, you’re lazy
It’s easier to pick a partner less crazy
Much less work, less purpose, less of A to Z
Cause I’m an alpha, bet it’s hard to stay with me’

Source: Jean Grae – U&M&Everyone We Know lyrics at Rapgenius. I do not own the images or video. Mucho gracias to PRIMO MAG for the pictures on Mucho gracias for Zig Parker for filming and MK-1 for posting the video of his set on


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