Join The Tika Team

Join The Tika Team

Always Building, Always Recruiting.

We operate with passion and driven by a vision, collectively and voluntary. We’ve been building on The Tika slow yet steady and share our visions with more people every day in better ways. But we certainly don’t know everything, or have all the time, experience or ego in the world, to think that we could represent for Hip Hop on our own?!

We reach out for your support, expertise and involvement to pass on all the funky and valuable messages to the youngsters and elders. We love to grow The Tika Team because we want our readers to experience more than one perspective and partake in the enriching ideas and insight from others. Each one interprets and expresses in their own way, from their own perspective, and I believe each of those are an unique contribution to the portrayal and progress of our culture.

“We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together” – Bill Richardson

We’re continuously looking for peeps to join us on our mission to fully and respectfully represent Hip Hop Culture online. We’re always open to connect, build with and involve self motivated and upright individuals from all walks of life and worldwide. We call for motivated writers and skilled individuals that are interested and able to contribute to The Tika on a regular basis in whichever way they can. Getting involved is a great chance to expand your exposure, network and your skill set, gain knowledge and to contribute to the culture and community.

Does this sound like you? Read on for a bit, get at us with an introduction and let’s build!

What we do goes beyond the website and there is many ways to contribute besides writing. To enhance natural and optimal workflow, focus and collaboration, there is many different roles & responsibilities you could take on, which you may already have an idea about, or we’ll discuss later on.

You’re down for the ride? Send us a short introduction of yourself, your connection to the culture, how your vision complies with ours and what you’d like to add to the team if you already know so and samples of or ideas for your work at join [at]

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an established author or a first-timer but more so we care about your ability to self-motivate and self-organize, your passion, skills, intellect and personality. Everyone strengthens and broadens The Tika in their own way, most important is for you to share the passion that brings us all here. We are looking forward to hearing from you and possibly working together!

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”
– Henry Ford

If you’re not quite ready to dedicate but do want to contribute, that’s cool too. Next to the consistent, core Tika Team of contributors we are open to guest authors and content collaborations and we offer our platform to anyone with upright intentions, a relevant message to share and an eloquent way to put it. You can take it this way and submit your story over here!

Much love to everyone who came to check this out and we hope to hear from you for real. Peace!