JR & PH7 Ft. The Regiment – Fallin’ For You

JR & PH7 Ft. The Regiment – Fallin’ For You

‘Easy to fall into, but hard to forget’.
Get to know this producing team, my neighbors in Germany and Denmark dropping ‘honest music, straight from our living rooms’ thus JR speaks. After The Standard and The Update, here is the brand new Waiting For The Good Life album, which’s follow up The Good Life is planned to be released fall ’12.
Over this period of time they have worked with Evidence, Oddissee, Blu, Guilty Simpson, Black Moon, Edo G, Frank N Dank, Elzhi, Skyzoo, Sean Price and Termanology, and not without reason. Here they collaborate with Motor City’s The Regiment.

Main musical inspirations?
Just life in general I would say. And a dope sample doesn’t hurt hehe.

What’s your equipment setup like?
JR: We are actually pretty basic. I’m just Turntables, MPC 2000XL and some Logic.

PH7: I do pretty much everything in Logic. But I also have a Midi-Keyboard as well as a MicroKorg, a Juno106 and some Software Synthesizers.

If you could only take one record on a deserted island with you, what album would that be?
JR: Wow. I don’t really know. I guess it would have to be a tie between Slum Village “Fantastic Vol.2″ and Gangstarr “Moment of Truth”. I’d sure miss my record collection on that island though haha.

PH7: My choice would be the first Foreign Exchange Album, I guess. But I’m pretty sure that I’d leave the island after a couple of days because of the lack of music haha.’ (Source: Kevin Nottingham Producer Spotlight: JR & PH7)

‘From a piece that was broken off, left behind
A diamond in the rough, tryna get a little shine
Bling, bling, opportunity sings a queen for a king,
A check for your mate’s dream, not a scene from a
dream in the greatest scheme, bthings it seems,
The more I graps for you, the further out of reach
Out go without warning, and everything on you, then
you can say I’m all in and that feeling is a balling
see I’m sitting at the bottom cause … sorry bout
this… falling, no other chick I’d rather kick it with
darling if you’re off for it, let’s ride da by day
I’m fallin’ fallin’ off I’m falling off, easy to
fall into but hard to forget, but hard to forget’


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