Kam Moye – Let’s Be Honest

Kam Moye – Let’s Be Honest

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They say it isn’t what you have in your pocket that makes you grateful
It’s what you have in your heart
If you don’t appreciate what you have right now
You’ll never appreciate what’s coming to you in the future
That’s what they say” icon=5 activeicon=6]

[Kam Moye] Heh-heh-heh-heh
I’m good man, I’m good, let’s go
They say it isn’t what you have in your pocket that makes you grateful
It’s what you have in your heart
If you don’t appreciate what you have right now
You’ll never appreciate what’s coming to you in the future
That’s what they say

Now let’s just be honest here, I don’t need a million in bills
To be happy, I got a family and the feeling is real
I’m not saying I don’t want to make it,
I’m all for money making
I’m not a loser cause my house ain’t on twenty acres
It’s not the best thing or super-interesting
Cause I don’t have a British butler in the West Wing
You laugh at it, you can happily leave
It’s not a mansion to you but it’s a castle to me
And my car is far from an Aston Martin
I need jumper cables sometimes attached to start it
Since the day I brought it home, but I bought it on my own
So oh, that auto zone rarely has the parts in
Your gas guzzling ride, it costs way more
Oh yeah brother, that’s fly, but mine’s paid for
Don’t get it confused, we human and we all dream
But personally I appreciate the small things
I’m just being honest with you, huh

[Hook] “I can purchase you a diamond”
Can I just be honest with you?
“But it won’t be the most expensive diamond”
That’s all that I can do
“Honey, money can buy”
This little house of mine, it ain’t much but it suits me fine
“And I’ll tell you no lie, no, no, baby”
I ain’t gotta lie, it gets me by and it just suits me fine

[Kam Moye]
I can’t give my woman the world, I’m pretty certain on it
But she respect that these sincere words are honest
If I heard she wanted it, might take a little while
She still smile knowing that I’m working on it
See to y’all, she might not be Miss America
But to me she’s perfect, I was quick to marry her
And if it came down to having another child
She’s the only woman allowed or fit to carry it
And honestly, I ain’t gotta lie to myself
I ain’t no GQ model myself, don’t watch for a six-pack
Hell, my belly sticks out of my belt
But the lady of my life loves how it just felt
And though we may turn heads when we out in public
Personal flaws, we both feel proudly of it
Shit, she’ll put you in your place in a second
I may bitch about her but no doubt I love it
I’m just being honest with you


[Kam Moye]
I’mma just be real witcha, I ain’t tryna sell ya religion
But everything I’m going through, God’s heavily involved
I don’t think celebrities need to be treated heavenly
For that reason alone, I’ll never be a star
I don’t need people in the streets to know me
Man I kinda like keeping it discreet and low-key
Without being popular, nah
I wanna walk in the mall without the whole place dropping their jaws
And my friends, I know who the real ones are
They’ll be here tomorrow, they ain’t tryna steal my broad
My light, my shine, my money, anything that they hope for
Can’t backstab when there’s nothing to show for
I know a few people ’round the world got support for me
I don’t mind if my life’s told in a short story
I believe, yeah
It’s all about how many lives that you touch by the time that you leave here
I’m being honest man


[Kam Moye] And I mean that from the bottom of my heart[/doptoggle]

Kam Moye, better known as Supastition, is an MC based in Greenville, North Carolina. Supa’s debut album came out in 2002, he changed his name to Kam Moye (a short version of his real name) in 2008 and announced he stopped rapping (commercially) in 2010. You can read his retirement letter here.
Luckily he announced to come back late 2012, which he did with ‘The Blackboard EP’ in 2013.
He now has 3 albums and 4 EP’s on his name(s).

Fun fact: Our awesome new asset to The Tika Team, Jasper Staal (read his first article about the SP1200 here), actually did the artwork for ‘The Blackboard EP’!

Once again, I’m posting one of my favorite tunes. This time it’s not just the song that I love though, this is one of my favorite artists as well.
I can listen to Supastition’s voice for hours without getting irritated and trust me, that’s huge. Voices seem to get on my nerves really quickly.. But it’s not just his soothing voice that makes me love this guy. In Supa’s own words; ‘My skills are phenomenal and near perfect/ I write a story or an anthem/ A classic or a tear jerker.’ (quoted from the track ‘Boombox’)
You have to realize it’s a bragg and boast track so there might be some exaggerations from time to time, but that being said I have to admit; I have never heard a wack Supastition track.

Supa, to me, is an MC that has always kept it real. He’s loyal and honest to his fans/ listeners just as he is to himself, which as we all know isn’t that common in the rap industry. Skills and talent combined with honest and (mainly) positive messages; That’s my type of music.

And that’s why I chose to highlight this track. Let’s be honest!

Album ‘Spitting Image’. Year: 2009. Production: Veterano.


Sandra, a.k.a. Queen Kobra, was 12 years old when she fell in love with Hip Hop. Since that day, Hip Hop has never let her go. She's an outspoken girl who loves to share her view and opinion, in real life as well as through the written word. She's an open and positive person that tries to bring back the old school ethics into new school Hip Hop.