Kanye’s ‘New Testament’ Surprisingly Speaks Some Sense

Kanye’s ‘New Testament’ Surprisingly Speaks Some Sense

I just caught myself rejecting this ‘New Testament’ project from the moment I heard about it; expecting a self-praising and ego-infused biographical book with all ‘the answers’. I don’t doubt the Sway incident, the paparazzi incident, selling outrageously overpriced blank white shirts, his last 3 albums, the memes and whatnot have helped him gain credibility with some people, but definitely not with me.

I lost most respect I build up and though he clearly doesn’t care, I do, and so was positively surprised when this video surfaced. He actually speaks some sense, drops some truth bombs and doesn’t seem to be as much of the dickhead I previously (hmstill?) presumed him to be.

In this 30 minute mini documentary of speech fragments assembled over the years and accompanying visuals, he touches yet superficial but a lot of ground speaking on how he looks at issues such as creative freedom and the music industry, the ego and self-esteem, mental slavery and economic empowerment and the music industry, family, collaboration and individualism and his purpose to bringing positivity to the world (yup, really!).

Put aside for a second; your personal opinion on his actions and persona, his authenticity and loyalty towards the statements he makes, its bold title and its -in style- ostentatious undertone, and try to take this video just for what it is. I think it holds empowering messages we all need to hear. Besides, I love to prove the nay-sayers wrong, even if I’m one of them myself.

Give it 2 minutes ..

So, what do you think? Regardless of my stance on Kanye, I enjoyed this video and thus went to share it, and hope you did and do too.

Oh and before all the fans or haters go buckwild on the comments; I have no desire in furthering my personal perception on Ye, this post is not about his face, just this video.

Peace & prosperity!


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