Masta Ace @Mezz Breda Review

Masta Ace @Mezz Breda Review

Last Friday (the 10th of May) Masta Ace did a show in Breda. Since that’s only a half hour drive for me and he is one of my absolute favorite MC’s, I just had to be there. And I’m glad I was.

It was a great show. I think I can say I’ve seen quite a few shows, but this made it into the top 2. Wordsworth was the first to come out and do his thing. He walked out on stage, jumped into the crowd and stayed there untill he was finished. And damn, what a show. Talking about a great lyricist/ MC, putting in the effort to interact with his crowd.. What can I say. The beats were banging, the rhymes were ill, the MC/ crowd participation was off the chain. Everything was exactly what it should be and more. This was way more than you can expect from a show.

Picture from the Dutch House of Hip Hop site.

After Wordsworth was done, Masta Ace and Stricklin came on stage. The crowd was fully hyped up when they came out and guess what the first track was… Exactly. One of my favorite tracks of all time, No Regrets. (Have you read the article I wrote about this track? No? Click here to read it.)
It wasn’t performed on the original beat but fuck it, who cares?! This really made me intensely happy and it made me feel like my night already was perfect. Nothing could fuck it up anymore. Little did I know, it was only going to get better.

The energy between Ace and Sticklin was great, just as the way they pulled in the crowd with every single track. Ace is a true performer, who knows exactly how to balance story telling and MC’ing. They never were boring, always on point and funny when they saw it was fitted. Their chemistry was great and because of that, the crowd responded with love and enthusiasm.
It was great to see them perform ‘old school bangers’ like ‘Take a walk’, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Good ‘Ol Love’, as well as tracks off Ace’s latest album (for which he did the tour) MA DOOM: Son of Yvonne.

Masta Ace even got kind of personal from time to time, explaining the vision behind the tracks on Son of Yvonne. As some of y’all may know, Yvonne is the name of Ace’s mother. The album can be considered a tribute to his mom and his childhood.
Ace, Wordsworth and Sticklin even did a freestyle game, where one is freestylin’ 4 bars and then the other takes over, and so on.. You could tell there were having fun. At one point, they even made fun of a poster that was hanging on stage of a naked guy with a cap instead of a head. ‘Now what’s this naked guy doing here?’

Photo taken from the Boogiedown Breda facebook page.

Fun Fact: I’ve been told after the show that the cap (that replaces the naked guy’s head) is actually called a NY Fat cap so if that’s what’s up, here’s a massive S/O to the decor guys for putting so much thought into dressing up the stage. Y’all are so subtle they don’t even recognize/ acknowledge it! ;)

During the show, Ace, Stricklin and Wordsworth even did a couple of eMC tracks. The only thing they were missing was Punchline and then it would have been ‘outta this world- living in 7th heaven- I can’t believe this- This is insanely awesome- I’m not only seeing Wordsworth, Masta Ace and Strickin, but the whole eMC crew right now!’ But even though Punchline wasn’t there, it still was one fucking insanely dope show!

I can, without any doubt what so ever, recommend everyone to check them out live as soon as you have the chance. I promise you it’ll be a night you’ll never forget.

Here’s a little complication video by Fat Shit Productions.


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