Method Man & Redman @013, Tilburg Review

Method Man & Redman @013, Tilburg Review

Wednesday June 22th the duo and its crew rocked the show at 013 in Tilburg NL. Thanks to Mr Ghostman from I was present.

Meth & Red in the building, with all BO!1&2 classics and much Wu. Loved the amount of energy and fun given into the performance, which was heeella lot. Also they brought up the yet-to-be-created How High 2 movie, which we are all still anticipating on. This track is one of my personal Meth&Red favs.

The first unofficial single from Black Out! 2, which leaked 2 months before the actual release. This was on May 19th 2009, the same release date as Eminem’s Relapse and Busta Rhymes’s Back on My B.S. Featuring vocalist Saukrates. It’s the only track on the album produced by Pete Rock who sampled Magic Mona by Phyllis Hyman, also used in the intro. Enjoy.

The emcee is me, host for the night. Papa Doc, only thing I don’t choke on the mic
Haha, she like “Red so cool”. Any nigga after me, it’s a deja vu”



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