Ms Dynamite – It Takes More

Ms Dynamite – It Takes More

‘We’re used to watching, but that ain’t what I’m here for
Show them to think higher and aspire for more’

Niomi Arleen McLean-Daley grew up in North london with a Jamaican father and a Scottish mother being the eldest of 11 siblings. Always aspiring to be an artist, she worked at the radio station RAW FM, backed vocals for an UK garage track as Lady Dynamite, and got discovered by Richard Forbes AKA DJ Sticky.
This is the debut single, Bloodshy Main Mix production, for her platinum selling debut album A Little Deeper, which was released in 2002. There are three versions circulating which are the original, a ‘clean’ one with censoring bleeps and a radio edit with rewritten verses. This made her win various prices, under which two BRIT Awards (annual pop music UK), three MOBO Awards (Music of Black Origin UK), a Media Personality Of The Year award and the £20,000 Mercury Prize that she donated to NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children).
Following her successful debut she released her 2nd album Judgement Days in 2005. And after quite a break to focus on motherhood and other projects, her 3rd studio album is set to drop early 2012. It will be interesting to see how, 10 years after this track, her musical and personal growth influences her lyrics and sound.

‘Certainly not me, certainly not me
‘Cause baby personally I like to be challenged mentally
I’ve heard it all before, gangsta’s, pimps and whores
Quality is more, a girl like me needs more

It takes more to amuse a girl like me
So much more to confuse a girl like me
They’ve got you cause while you braggin’ ’bout your badness
You’re just avoiding, adding to the real shit thats happenin’ to us

Now who gives a damn, about the ice on your hands?
If its not too complex, tell me how many African’s died
For the baguettes on your Rolex?
So what you pushing a nice car
Don’t you know there’s no such thing as superstar
We leave this world alone
So who gives a fuck about the things you own?’

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