Oddisee Ft. Toine – Different Now

Oddisee Ft. Toine – Different Now

After successful years as both an MC, producer and contributor to Mello Music Group, Oddisee will finally release his own debut full-length album this June. The press release of People Hear What They See states: ‘Its key concern is honesty – honesty with yourself, with what you tell the world, and the relationships people have with each other. The title came from a feeling that most of the time we’re content not to look or listen beneath the surface for the truths which lie beneath’. How nice when through the piece, forth comes the values – in this case my leading – honesty and truth. He sparkled my curiosity.

For now I’m still enjoying the Helpless Dreamer album, a Mello Music Group compilation, on bandcamp. One of the tunes is this one from Oddisee and Toine from DTMD. O sampled ‘Am I Losing You, an old school hit by R&B vocal group, The Manhattans’ (bamalovesoul.com). The video was shot by Zack Schamberg around Washington DC to get ‘a day in the life kind of feel’. And I’m not sure why, but um things seem different now, you know?

‘She practically handed me the ass
That I could care less because she lacked class
The fitting of her dress would of had me at 21
It’s funny son
Just a few years older more revealings less appealing
And I’m more into shoulders
And other subtleties
I’m in the house more thus I’m out less
I’m less concerned with rocking fits that ain’t out yet’


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