People Under The Stairs – Montego Slay

People Under The Stairs – Montego Slay

‘I walk the streets of L.A. and feel comfortable
Me and the homie make music and ain’t coming with bull
So next time you got a rhyme that’s blazing hot, throw it away
People Under To Save the day

Sometimes it ain’t time, sometimes it can’t be
This time we kick back and let your conscience be free
The music is playing loud and we never have to leave
We never gotta leave, we never gotta leave’

LA’s Thes One and Double K. got their group started in 1997. Eight albums, stages all around the globe and 15 years later P.U.T.S. is still kicking it. They independently released their first album The Next Step in ’98, and when it was being played in Mr. Bongo’s recordstore it sold out in less then 10 minutes. Their last album was Highlighter from 2011, which was sold through their own Piecelock70. Thorough the albums you can follow and hear their growth musically, personally and professionally. This is from the O.S.T. – ‘original soundtrack’ – album from 2002, once again released by Om Records. Thes One describes ‘an album that is made up of old records and personal experiences’. To my suggestion some female soul vocals in the back would complete this ultimate ‘montego bay style, carribean isle’ feel. IIt was quite a challenge having to pick only one of all P.U.T.S. tracks, so def check out more of theirs somewhere on YouTube and relax your mind.


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