Drake – Closer To My Dreams

Drake – Closer To My Dreams

We all know ‘Drizzy Drake’, but y’all knew this? From The Comeback Season, his 2nd official mixtape from 2007. The main reason I love this song is the instrumental, Goapele’s Closer. Known by the movie Honey, during the romantic barbershop-at-night scene, remember? For those who don’t know, click here for original Goapele – Closer @ YT. On this version the instrumental remains, but the vocals are replaced by Andreena Mill’s. Produced by probably DJ Smallz, or Drake himself. Also rappers Dolla and Iceberg dropped their freestyle on this, click their names to check it on YT.

‘See there’s everybody else then there’s one top loner. First place is often the worst place. But fuck it I love it here I call it my birthplace.’

‘I’mma spare y’all. Why you wanna judge me? I don’t ever compare y’all. The city is mine, I know it because I’m there y’all. It ain’t even started I’m really tryna prepare y’all. Spring ’07 second quarter I’m dropping. With or without a label man I’m committed to poppin’. And take over the summer, tour to tour hopping. I’mma meet a lot of women I’mma do a lot of shopping. Really no other option, spend a lot of money just to make it back. Anybody I dissed in a song I don’t take it back. Same rappers that’s all in ya face saying Drake is wack, are checking my availability just to make a track. I promise mama, I’mma do it ’cause I know I put you through it, I know I put you through it baby.’ Click here for full lyrics.

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