Poetri – Monsters

Poetri – Monsters

Poetri really is a great poet. I’ve been wanting to put up his poems earlier, I just couldn’t decide where to start off since I love all his work. Then I realized I was deliberately keeping him away from y’all and I can’t do that. Everybody has the right to know and love Poetri. He has a way of combining jokes with serious subjects which I absolutely love and I think you will love it too.

He has you laughing while you’re listening and thinking about it right after the poem is done. Not thinking like ‘Oh damn, I forgot my groceries. What am I gonna eat tonight?’ But really thinking about the subject of the poem.

This poem for example, ‘Monsters’. The performance is impeccable. He’s serious but not too serious. Throughout the poem you’re thinking ‘Yeah, he’s right! Haha.’ But then at the end he asks you; ‘Where are yours?’ And then you start to think. Where are mine?
Are they in my stomach as well?
Are they in my heart like he mentioned? We all know at least one person with monsters in their heart.
But maybe, mine are in my head?
It all comes down to what kind of person you are. And Poetri has you reflecting on that.

[doptoggle title=”I have monsters, in my stomach.
Oh, you don’t believe me?
You think I’m fat ’cause I wanna be fat?
You don’t think I wanna have a six pack?” icon=5 activeicon=6]
I have monsters, in my stomach.
Oh, you don’t believe me?
You think I’m fat ’cause I wanna be fat?
You don’t think I wanna have a six pack?
Take off my shirt at any given time?
Like all those pretty working out types brothers do for no reason at all?
It’s zero degrees outside. Why is your shirt off?
I remember when the monsters were just babies.
They were trying to get me to eat something and I would just laugh.
Oh, be quiet little monster. We just ate.
But now, my monsters are full grown adults
conniving my taste buds like humans manipulate other humans
and it just don’t seem right when I go dragging to go get 99 cent chicken nuggets on Tuesday
when I already had Burger King talking about I can’t pass up this deal.
Come on, monsters! We just ate!
You think I wanna wear a size 4X ’cause all the kids do.
I wear a size 4X because that’s the only size that fits me and my monsters
and how mad do I get when I go to the store trying to find the biggest size
only to find out that the biggest sizes are all sold out
Cause some skinny cool kid bought them all! Get your own size!
But you don’t believe me. After all, you don’t believe in monsters.
And that’s how they get you. I used to be that way, too.
Monsters can find a home anywhere in your body.
They may not be in your stomach, but have you checked your heart lately?
Monsters lurk like babies just waiting to get adult,
and if you don’t watch it, they grow up fast,
having you hate everyone who tries to help you
you didn’t get a reputation for being cold hearted but I know the truth.
You just got monsters in your heart.
I can’t tell you how to get help cause I’m dealing with own monsters.
Your best bet is to pray. The sooner we realize there are monsters inside of all of us,
the better this world will be.
I have monsters in my stomach.
Where are yours? [/doptoggle]

No wonder Poetri was personally invited by president Obama to attend the first Spoken Word Event at the white house. No wonder he is one of the first poets to win a Tony award with his own material on Broadway (for Def Poetry Jam). He is a poet that knows how to get his message across without sounding preachy. He’s teaching you things about yourself and about people in general without even knowing you. Instead, he just makes you laugh… And then think about it.

Personally, I love that. Do you?


Sandra, a.k.a. Queen Kobra, was 12 years old when she fell in love with Hip Hop. Since that day, Hip Hop has never let her go. She's an outspoken girl who loves to share her view and opinion, in real life as well as through the written word. She's an open and positive person that tries to bring back the old school ethics into new school Hip Hop.