PSL Persoonlijk ‘The Xperiment’ Release @Total Music Review

PSL Persoonlijk ‘The Xperiment’ Release @Total Music Review

Last weekend Nadia and I decided to meet up and go to PSL Persoonlijk’s album release at Total Music, Schiedam. We were looking forward to it, knowing it would be a great night. How could it be anything else if you know you will be surrounded by positive, like- minded people?

Boy, were we RIGHT! The whole evening was packed with a full program of shows, which I personally did not expect. Usually when you go to album releases, the focus is on the artist who’s album is coming out. This time it was a little different. A good kind of different! The focus wasn’t just on PSL, it was on good music. Seems to me, they picked the right focus this night.

With performances from Cerebros (NL), Starrlight (NL), JR de Regelneger (NL), Bren MC & Berry (NL), Unorthadox (NL), Lost’n’Found (CH), Lord Lhus (US) and of course PSL himself, Hip Hop was widely represented, from all over the world.

And not only that. Where usually you have to search high and low to spot a female MC, this night there were two on stage, MC’s Starrlight and J-Who (Lost’n’Found).

Starrlight is a Dutch MC who chooses to spit her rhymes in English and man, she definitely does a good job. Hard vocals over bangin’ beats got me wondering why I haven’t heard of her before. Now that I have I can assure you I for one will keep a closer eye on this talented woman.

J-Who is one half of the talented duo Lost’n’Found (the other half is producer Tre Beats) and they are from Switzerland. J-Who spits in her native language (Swiss) and even though I can’t understand a word she says, I feel it. The stage performance was tight and powerful. Not really what I expected when I saw this short, pretty girl walk up stage but hey, you don’t hear me complaining!

When Unorthadox stepped on stage I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve heard a lot about the guy and the music I did know of him I liked, so I was eager to see him perform. After his show I had mixed feelings. I liked the show and everything I had heard about him was true. On the other hand though, it didn’t really come across at that certain time and space. The vibe he was bringing wasn’t really matching the hyped feel of the night before, to me his show was a bit out of place. Which was too bad, because like I said, this guy is one heck of an MC.

We didn’t catch all the shows but also Cerebros, JR de Regelneger and Bren MC & Berry all had good shows. That’s all I can really say about it. The energy was there, the stage performance was there and the feel was good. They fitted right in the picture I have about this night.

Lord Lhus was on another level though. Dark, raw and banging are the key words to his show. You can tell he has stage experience, rocking it in different countries. The man seems to have an on-stage persona. It worked well with the crowd, they became more and more hyped. And then it was time for the man of the night; PSL himself.

Although he was stressed the whole evening, as anyone is at theirs, he seemed to have fun on stage. He rocked it like he should, it was his night and that was obvious. He invited some artists back on stage to do a track with him and not only that, he invited some artists on stage that hadn’t been there yet to do a track with him as well. We saw Black Pope (UK) and Big Huey (NL) enter the stage and killin’ it. What do you mean ‘share the spotlight’?! It was PSL’s night and still, he wouldn’t take full credit. Letting your homies portray themselves throughout your own release party says a lot about the kind of person you are. I guess that’s just that real Eastgarden MusicxEmpty Handed Warriors mentality!

Also a big shout out to Rotterdam Hip Hop’s Joey den Blanken for doing your part to make this happen.

We had a good time. Peace Schiedam.


Sandra, a.k.a. Queen Kobra, was 12 years old when she fell in love with Hip Hop. Since that day, Hip Hop has never let her go. She's an outspoken girl who loves to share her view and opinion, in real life as well as through the written word. She's an open and positive person that tries to bring back the old school ethics into new school Hip Hop.