Rest In Beats to J Dilla AKA Jay Dee AKA James Dewitt...

Rest In Beats to J Dilla AKA Jay Dee AKA James Dewitt Yancey

R.I.P James Dewitt Yancey / J Dilla / Jay Dee
07/02/1974 – 10/02/2006

To me the greatest producer all time, and besides the reason I fell in love with Hip Hop. When I heard J Dilla that being also the night I really got in touch with this music for the 1st time. He as a producer has been in the studio with nearly all my favourite artists.  Collaborations are with Common, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Busta Rhymes, Madlib, Black Milk, Mos Def, Erykah Badu, De La Soul, Talib Kweli, Guilty Simpson, Bilal and many more. On my iTunes I got the full discography, around 12 albums and many more single beats. Click here for the Isohunt Downloadlink. Besides, there are many unreleased records remaining, amount unknown. Everything he puts his name on seems to sound like golden to me.

Next to producing he sometimes also was rapping or DJ’ing. Originally from Detroit, where he grew up with an exceptional music family.  His younger brother, better known as Illa J, also got Hip Hop creating and producing. He got his career started when he formed Slum Village with Baatin and T3 at Pershing High School. He has never been loyal to a record label, he just went wherever he felt like going. Sad enough, while alive, he never really got the credit he deserved. At the times more people started noticing his outstanding sound and talent, time has run out. That is to me even more a reason to remember him and keep him alive through the music and mind. So right here I ask all of you to do the same, for the love of Hip Hop.



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