Re-launch: The Tika 2.0

Re-launch: The Tika 2.0

Welcome all to The Tika website 2.0. Not only a new design, but a renewed concept. Allow me to re-introduce myself.

Me is now we – Multi Author

Though I’ve been happy sneaking around with my one-man-army, I always felt like I’d want to involve more dedicated and knowledgeable people to write. And now, with the new website, feels like the right time to expand and strengthen the team. In my existing network I’ve selected a few people that I respect, appreciate and would genuinely like to share their knowledge and to be a part of The Tika.

This generates more articles for you to read and a broader span on the blog’s topics. If you missed my announcements on FB, you can always check them out at the Authors page. This is The Tika Team.


Trio topics – Music, Culture & Mindstate

I’ve always had a similar classifications but as from today these categories will all be a part of The Tika. Some existing, some new. This way I hope to really focus not only on the music but on Hip Hop as a whole, for what it is which is a movement, culture and lifestyle.

The Listening is as is, new is the NL sub to expose Dutch Hip Hop. The Arts is dedicated to showcasing the elements of the endlessly evolving Hip Hop culture and it’s disciples skills. Graffiti art in Visuals, DJ-ing in Turntablism, MC-ing in Spoken Word and Breakdancing, Producing and and Beatboxing in Beats & Breaks. Then The Teachings, thoughts, editorials, Reviews, inspiration and more related randomness are left to discuss in The Mindstate category.


Me, being a webdesigner, have put in quite an amount of effort to get this the way I intended it to be and am very happy with the design and features the new website has. Some noticeable, some back-end.

But for example check out the use of tabs in Joe’s first post Prominence to Producers. The lay-out of the homepage, I think, is attractive and functional. The website is always a work in progress.

So far, so good. I hope you are anywhere as excited as we are and will support The Tika Team on it’s endavours. Now have a look around, show some love, spread the word and don’t become a stranger.

Nothing but love,


Founder, CEO and writer at The Tika and web designer & developer, music & brand management and marketing, organizer, global nomad and anthropologist @ Millennial Ma'at of Hip Hop; building on truth, balance, order and justice. An ambitious pacifist daring perspectives, resolving problems, bridging cultures and exploring the universes wonders. A philomath with infinite curiosity, balancing science & senses, ancient & online knowledge to create meaning and mastery.