Reef the Lost Cauze @Cafe Bluff, Heerlen Review

Reef the Lost Cauze @Cafe Bluff, Heerlen Review

Last Saturday the 29th of June, Reef the Lost Cauze did his first show of his latest tour in Europe. Since it was in the Netherlands I had to go there, regardless the 2 hour drive South. My friend decided to come with me last moment, even though he didn’t know who Reef was. It also didn’t stop me I already saw Reef in 2011. In fact, this was extra motivation to go check it out.

Reef performing at the basement, 5-Elementz. 2011

I remembered how hyped Reef was back then and I hoped he would have the same great energy this time. I was not disappointed. It was a small venue with a little stage, which I personally prefer most of the time. The artists interaction and crowd participation seems to benefit from it, and to me, that’s what can make or break a show. I want to feel involved with the artist. Reef gives you that feeling.

During the show Reef’s energy was on point. A couple of times he stepped off the stage into the crowd while he was rapping. Over all, he managed to maintain the positive, energetic vibe I love so much. At one point Reef called Geckusman (who did the pre-show) on stage and let him take his shine by doing a verse. Although the crowd wasn’t that hyped, people still seemed to have a great time.

Geckusman & Reef the Lost Cauze

Reef the Lost Cauze, Cafe Bluff, Heerlen Reef the Lost Cauze, Cafe Bluff, Heerlen

There simply was no other way. Insanely dope bangers in your ear like ‘Sound of Philadelphia’ and ‘F*ck rappers’, performed live in front of you by an energetic MC.. sounds like a great night to me!
My friend thought the same thing and bought 2 of Reef’s albums, on the spot. He’s a fan now. We decided to chill and hang out with him for a bit and Reef proved once again he’s a humble, down to earth guy. Talking with everyone that wants to, taking pictures with people, and it’s all good.
Another reason why I’ll be there at every show I can.

‘See you next time!’

Also I’d like to give a BIG shout out to DNA Genetics & Funky Munkey for bringing out the artists to The Netherlands and Stichting SPAT for making this night happen. The Tika sees you!


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