Sarah Jones – Your Revolution

Sarah Jones – Your Revolution

I thought this would be a great spoken word poem to start off with. It’s humorous with a political undertone and it’s a tribute to one of the greatest that ever did it as well as a call for change.

Stating there are a lot of tracks written about sex is nothing new. The fact most of them are written by men isn’t either. There has been a lot of protesting, guided by some housewives, to get it off the radio. These women might just as well go yell at a wall, nobody’s listening. Sexual oriented tracks reflect the mind state of our society and nobody’s going to stop it.

Sarah Jones decided she had enough and wrote ‘Your Revolution’ and performed at Def Poetry. In this beautiful poem you hear a lot of hip hop tracks passing by, such as ‘Doin it’ by LL Cool J, ‘Do me’ by Bell Biv DeVoe, ‘Boombastic’ by Shaggy and of course Sisquo’s ‘Thong Song’. Sarah tells what she thinks about these tracks and others from her (female) perspective. ‘Do you really believe I’m up for that? No. It won’t happen between these thighs.’

Of course the poem is still a tribute to Gil Scott Heron and it’s not an assault on ‘pussy rap’. It’s not directly about the sexual content of a lot of tracks but it’s about the bigger picture, the power of hip hop, that seems to be forgotten sometimes. It’s about the good things hip hop can accomplish. The philosophy, the political message hip hop can spread throughout the world. That’s why I think the way Sarah ends her poem is very powerful.

‘your revolution makes me wonder, where could we go
if we could drop the empty pursuit of props and the ego
revolt back to our Roots, use a little Common sense on a Quest
to make love De La Soul, no pretense … but
your revolution will not be you flexing your little sex and status
to express what you “feel”

your revolution will not happen between these thighs
will not happen between these thighs
will not be you shaking and me… eventually faking between these thighs
because the revolution, when it finally comes, for all of us, its gon’ be real.’

There’s a track made of this poem by DJ Vadim and Sarah Jones. In 2001 a radio station was fined by the FCC for playing this track, as it was ‘indecent’. Sarah then sued the FCC (the Federal Communications Commission) for censorship. She was the first artist in history to do this and it paid off. The FCC stated the poem wasn’t indecent after all and it could be aired again. More information can be found at Sarah Jones’ official website.

Gil Scott Heron – The revolution will not be televised.