Shout outs

Shout outs

In 14 years of HipHopAgenda I’ve rarely met an organization that is so hiphop-dedicated, not colored or biased by opinions, so full of inspiration and ideas and, most important of all, honest in the things it does. The Tika always tries to emphasize the power of hiphop in terms of love, peace, unity, knowledge, culture, consciousness, healing and of course music.

- Colin Kraan (

Happy 2nd Anniversary 2 The Tika Movement & Staff and Beyond! Great Work & Great Job Y’all be doing, Keep da movement Positive & Creative and y’all will continue 4 years & years 2 come.. Peaze, Love, Light & Blessings 2 The TIKA Movement

- Writer Oustem-1 (UZNCH)

Hip Hop needs youngsters and their movements like the Tika to keep pushing that real shit. Hip hop comes in many different shapes and forms. But the youth that learns and respects the culture and its past are in my opinion going to be the trendsetters for the future in keeping real hip hop alive! Congratulations The Tika. Many more years to come! (upon our 2 year anniversary)

- DJ Turne

I was delighted to meet a highly informed individual at Winston Kingdom in Amsterdam. Along with Z Man, Equipto, L*Roneous, and Michael Marshall we conversed about all things hip hop and beyond well into the night until POOF she was gone. Needless to say I was forever hooked on The

- True Justice

I’m digging how The Tika shines the spotlight on real Hip Hoppas worldwide and offers a platform where people can gain knowledge on Hip Hop culture. There should be more organizations like The Tika!

- Brick Amazigh

I consider The Tika to be one of the best movements Hip Hop has ever encountered. Their cypher is always positive and their first event 'The Tika presents: Slum Village in Amsterdam’ is one I’ll be talking about for a long time

- Gilson Zandwijk (Radio Go Uptown)

The Tika team has been doing a great job to the Hip Hop Culture. It’s bringing us the real Hip Hop music, beautiful street art / graffiti, and many articles and interviews about this culture. Thanks and congrats to the team, specially to Nadia, and go ahead! Peace, love and success to all you

- Rochelle Pereira

The Tika is the one Hip Hop website showing what’s really real in the underground and overground Hip Hop culture! Keep on preserving and spreading Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Freedom, Justice, Equality, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Love, Peace and Happiness. Much props from the Guerrilla Ant Army Federation. Big Up!

- David Paris

I love the fact that The Tika focuses on the conscious aspect of hip-hop and shines a positive light on the culture in a well-rounded way catered to the universal reader unlike other publications that just focus on mixtapes, rap beefs, etc.

- The Jeanious

"When dealing with the core concepts of a something, namely culture, ones mind must be ready and able to adapt to the multi-faceted dynamic landscape of that culture, learning and being open to all the different sources, that create and embody that culture. The Tika is everything that – The essence"

- Malev Da Shinobi

Hiphop is not dead, You just don’t know TIKA!

- Psl Persoonlijk (Eastgarden Music)

If the emcees, producers, bboys and girls, sprayers etc. symbolize the heart of Hip Hop, The Tika would be similar to the brain that receives, assimilates and spreads the message. It has the Power of connecting different parts of the “Body” and enables it to go on

- Juju Rogers (Man of Booom)

From catchin random Gangstarr grooves on radio rips as a kid to networkin and buildin at hip hop shows, the Queen Tika is actively expandin’ in creative and unique ways. A staple of funk in the hip hop scene, I forsee this culture benefitting in positive ways thanks to The Tika. Big respect.

- Kick Back (Da Shogunz)