Solillaquists of Sound – Second Nature

Solillaquists of Sound – Second Nature

Solillaquists of Sound (also known as Solillia) is a hip hop quartet based in Orlando, Florida. The group consists of two MC’s, Alexandrah and Swamburger, a poet, Tanya Combs and the producer/composer Divinci.

Their music is odd but beautiful, strange but very musical. They use a lot of different elements in their music what makes it stand out. Not only the (MPC) beats are unusual, so is the way Alexandrah and Swamburger play with it.

This track Second Nature comes from the 4 Student Counsol album, released in 2002, about which Divinci stated; Definitely our most sentimental offering. No expectations, no specific theme, just a musical documentation of a family that had finally been brought together. At this point, the four of us hadn’t performed together yet. We hadn’t met the lion in us.’

Both MC’s have very different styles, different flows, what makes their tracks instantly more interesting. Also, most of their lyrics feature politically aware, socially conscious content. All these qualities added together, this is exactly the type of music I like. Solillia brings music out of the ordinary, containing a good message to tell the world.

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