SSAP: Midnight Marauders Perth, WA

SSAP: Midnight Marauders Perth, WA

Under the cover of darkness, they rove the inner city streets in search of their canvas.  Anything goes, from lane way walls to side street doors, the sky is the limit.  They are the Midnight Marauders.


Perth City streets are riddled with tags and throws. In every effort not to bore you with some contrived bullshit about whether it is or it isn’t art; I’ll put it to you, the reader, to come back and tell us if the images you see in this blog are ART OR NOT?


So often tags and throws are dismissed as mere vandalism and an eyesore and council buff crews are called in to white the walls which, more often than not, does not get done properly and makes the wall, and in turn the surrounding area, look worse. It begs the question, if councils are going to buff the walls which will inevitably get tagged again, why not direct those funds and commission an artist to paint something that will enhance the neighbourhood and bring about a sense of inclusion and community engagement?


In a slight adaptation of that famous maxim from George Orwell’s ‘The Animal Farm’; on the streets, all artists are equal, but some artists are more equal than others.  I came across this wall on a walkabout through Mt Lawley which has established Australian Artist Stormie Mills on the right and graffiti writer TeTo on the left. Ordinarily these two artists would not share the same gallery space but on the streets, all artists are equal.


Trekking through back alleys and side streets in Perth’s China Town, I came across this piece hanging above a door.  All that is missing is the floor mat which reads  ‘Welcome Home’.


To the Midnight Marauders, I salute you! Keep doing what you do and live life inspired.

Until next time, peace!