SSAP Special: Fremantle, WA

SSAP Special: Fremantle, WA

When I first arrived in Western Australia (WA) from Sydney, Fremantle (Freo) was the first place I went to to do some urban exploring and scope out the street art scene. This is what I found in the Fremantle area, Western Australia. All of the following images have been photographed by Devlin Azzie from the Sydney Street Art Project.

Artist: ROA
I didn’t have to wonder far from Freo train station before coming across a giant mural painted by well known Belgium artist, ROA which is found located outside the Freo Markets. ROA has painted another mural in West Perth but images of that piece will be posted in another edition, so stay tuned to The Tika.


Artists: The Yok and Sherry
Brooklyn based artists The Yok and Sheryo have recently completed a unique mural in Freo. The Yok rocks with his characters and Sheryo is simply styling with her designs. They both have fantastic websites where you can get to know a little bit more about the artist, purchase their art, plus a whole lot more. The Yok: and Sheryo:


Artist: Fintan Magee
Australian artist Fintan Magee who is currently leaving his mark ALL OVER Sydney, did a mural in Freo of Australian folk hero Ned Kelly, the poster boy  for Irish Australian resistance against the Anglo-Australian ruling class. “Such is Life” – Ned Kelly.


Local aerosol assassins TAEL, IDOL and AYERS turn an abandoned warehouse in Freo into their own graffiti gallery space with great effect. These artists are everywhere around town and I look forward to bringing you more of their work.


We’re just getting started. Next edition, LOOK OUT for a random selection from the archives exposing Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Until then, PEACE!