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“We encourage honest preservation and healthy progression of the Hip Hop culture & community”

TimeWe aim to represent Hip Hops the best and broadest way we can and first, to deliver inspiration, information and insights to other fellow Hip Hoppas. Second, we aspire and are in a position to institute empathy and understanding from those misinformed and bring balance to the media portrayal by publishing positive and eloquent voices from within the community.

Hip Hop has the power to bring people from all walks of life together under one umbrella of collective culture, activities and consciousness. This is beautiful, its diversity is one of its main virtues, and we’d like to carry that thought on through the website.

We can as an independent, non-profit outlet only do so much with the experience, knowledge and manpower we have, but I believe it’s a sure start and every contribution counts. Since we are driven by a vision and passion, not to gain positions of power and become so called ‘gatekeepers’ in the blogosphere, we open our gates and invite everyone into the crib. We welcome Hiphoppas from all walks of life, all generations and all locations and situations to step up and speak up.

We are steady working and offer this open platform to you to share, express, discuss, save and build on your opinions, thoughts, knowledge or experiences with likemindeds worldwide and contribute to the larger cause. With our efforts combined and notions unified, we stand stronger and bolder and can have the fun on the ride there. We saved you a seat. Before you come in ..

We expect you to have a general positive and conscious character and a balanced impression and upright incentives towards Hip Hop culture and humanity. Your article must be fully unique and written by you in sufficient English, presented in a reader friendly structure and enriched with media materials unless mentioned or discussed otherwise.

If we feel your post does not suit the vision, we hold every right to decline it. Yet please don’t be hesitant to come in even if you don’t have much, or for that matter any, experience writing; it is a skill that like any other can be trained. It’s more so about carrying an unique perspective and piece of your mind, time or work onto the web that could benefit other people for the better.

Every author will be acknowledged at the bottom of every post along with a short bio, avatar and links to their official website or social media accounts. This way you get your exposure, gain authority as an individual and have a platform for your voice. The appeal of the concept is that both parties will put our best in to generate quality content, promote it and uplift the people, platform and culture. We all seed and harvest in a way.

So, if you’re ready to take action, you can submit your story through the form below. And if you might be interested in contributing on a regular, you can do the same and hit me up at join [at]
I appreciate your every effort and am looking forward to hearing from you and reading your item(s)!

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