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Rohan Walker AKA Lord Sketch is a 23 year old artist from Miami, Florida. Luckily for us, he wanted to cooperate on an interview, so read on and get to know Lord Sketch!

Who ever said hip hop had to be profound? Though Zion I have always been a group who aren't afraid of making dancefloor-friendly music, in 'Coastin' they take corniness so far, it might as well be called Cornballin'.

Now highlighted is the the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' series from the 2009 album 'Self Explanatory'. I'm sure you're familiar with the choose your own adventure concept. There's the beginning of a story and at some point...

I believe many of y'all already are familiar with this dope street art project, reaching all through New York City. A lot of street corners were 'tagged' with one of these 'street signs'.

Hip Hop veteran Bun B (known from UGK) and illustrator, teacher and music journalist Shea Serrano teamed up and created the kickass "Bun B's Rap Coloring and Activity Book" combining my childish likes with the grimaces of some Hip Hop pioneers and rap superstars.

"Gebakken Muren" or translated "Baked Walls" is an art group consisting out of 4 members. When they started, they immediately were successful and did some dope shows.

The way this track comes together is a job well done. It actually is a conversation instead of a monologue, which means Apathy gets a reply after every line.

Most rappers speak on their ways and promote it. However Eyedea, like a comedian does, speaks openly about his flaws and habits in a humorous way and his perspective surprised me.

Kanye West's poem '18 years', preformed at Def Jam Poetry in 2004, was the first 'leak' of his 2005 track 'Golddigger' ft Jamie Foxx.

Once Sprite set their minds to the new marketing strategy in the early 90's, they went all out starring Hip Hop artists in their commercials. Read more ...

I reassamble and posted up my personal top 10 of 'uplifting' break up/no love/heartbreak/fuck outta here tracks, all with their very own alibis. Read More ...

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Low and behold. It is I, the follower of Bokonon, the humble loopdigger who only leaves his existential crisis for a gram of Pollem and winegums. Shedding light on topics cloaked in darkness, revealing...

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