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Dr. Becket, Back2DaSource Records

As a new collaboration project for TheTika, we decided to link up with Belgium based label Back2DaSource Records; a newly birthed record label dedicated towards pressing & preserving new, rare & unreleased Hip Hop Music...

Watch J-Live on some DJing ish, while spittin' ill flows on the same time, practicing two elements at the same time. I don't know how he does it, but mad props go out to him. Peep it ..

Hailing from Long Beach, California, JMega is a Wordsmith of high caliber and professional execution. Being a solo artist and member of a trio named True Masterz, he has proven to show a solid and versatile set of skills.

To some outsiders and even some insiders, it might appear at times that Hip Hop is long gone, or playing hide and seek. Or that hard beats, truth spittin' lyrics and humble artist attitudes...

So, you want to learn how to rap? You're probably doing it wrong! This movie won't make you a great MC, but if you have it in you, it will probably help.

Another Hip Hop artist from New Zealand dropping gems lately. We did a short interview with Raiza Biza speaking on his 3 albums, life and the Hip Hop scene in NZ and other matters ..

Most people think school and education go hand in hand, but in the words of Suli Breaks; ‘If there was a family tree, hard work and education would be related. But school would probably be a distant cousin.’

Keep it real, you say? Well, it doesn't get much realer than this. While the title may suggest another pompous attempt to try and say something inspiring and ‘deep’, this song delivers without trying.

This wasn't the first Roots Manuva song I ever heard (it probably was his 2001 classic Witness) but it was what got me hooked. At the time, I could only

Pete Philly and Perquisite were a Dutch MC and composer/producer duo that released their first project together in 2004.

Filipino but Seattle-based MC Art of Verse brings you the recognizable lyrics and mellow vibes with a big smile and a sharp brain. We were interested and he was humbled so read the full interview on thrive and tribulations, Hip Hop, music and inspirations right here ..

I have been struggling to write about this magnificent piece of art even before I had put one letter down. Never before had a poem made this much impact on me and up until this day, none equalized.

Here is a complete round-up of the BET cyphers 2013! Who's your favorite? Though I'm not particularly a fan when it comes to the BET Hip Hop Awards, I always find myself excited to see the new cypher videos appear on the web.

I chose to highlight this track because Supa, to me, is an MC that has always kept it real. He's loyal and honest to his fans just as to himself, which as we all know isn't common in the rap industry.

It was announced that all original Wu-Tang Clan members would be present. We were skeptical so just imagine how psyched we were when all of them came out on stage, one by one?!

If Hip Hop had a national anthem, this song would be it! The record cover shows the two Godfathers clasping hands, and what you see is what you hear.

The way this track comes together is a job well done. It actually is a conversation instead of a monologue, which means Apathy gets a reply after every line.

The whole evening was packed with lots of shows, which I did not expect. Usually when you go to album releases, the focus is on the artist who’s album it is. This time it was a little different.

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Low and behold. It is I, the follower of Bokonon, the humble loopdigger who only leaves his existential crisis for a gram of Pollem and winegums. Shedding light on topics cloaked in darkness, revealing...

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