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To some outsiders and even some insiders, it might appear at times that Hip Hop is long gone, or playing hide and seek. Or that hard beats, truth spittin' lyrics and humble artist attitudes...

Finest of Januari twenty14. Featuring Jamla Squad, Het VerZet, Zion I, Step Brothers, Jonwayne, Killawat and Moderator. Check it ..
Damu the Fudgemunk

This being the first edition, The Tika will provide you with a monthly update on the dopest and most refreshing releases of each month, not only to save you the effort but especially to...

Here is a complete round-up of the BET cyphers 2013! Who's your favorite? Though I'm not particularly a fan when it comes to the BET Hip Hop Awards, I always find myself excited to see the new cypher videos appear on the web.

Hip Hop veteran Bun B (known from UGK) and illustrator, teacher and music journalist Shea Serrano teamed up and created the kickass "Bun B's Rap Coloring and Activity Book" combining my childish likes with the grimaces of some Hip Hop pioneers and rap superstars.

For Your Brain's Convenience

Get It Straight


Low and behold. It is I, the follower of Bokonon, the humble loopdigger who only leaves his existential crisis for a gram of Pollem and winegums. Shedding light on topics cloaked in darkness, revealing...

Neva Faded