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We attended a Hip Hop Unity Jam in Amsterdam, a Fridaynight get together where all elements of Hip Hop would collide. Held in an exceptional venue; The Vondelbunker is a subsurface community centre right below the Amsterdam tramline whos rowdy 10 minute crossings creates an undeniable and literal underground atmosphere.

It was announced that all original Wu-Tang Clan members would be present. We were skeptical so just imagine how psyched we were when all of them came out on stage, one by one?!

The whole evening was packed with lots of shows, which I did not expect. Usually when you go to album releases, the focus is on the artist who’s album it is. This time it was a little different.

Saturday the 29th of June, Reef the Lost Cauze did his first show of his latest tour in Europe. Since it was in the Netherlands I had to go there, regardless the 2 hour drive South.

We attended an exclusive KRS-ONE Gospel of Hip Hop lecture at Bijlmerparktheater and a showcase at De Effernaar, Eindhoven. To let you in on the experience, we will share some ..

We met with Donald D in Amsterdam and it was a pleasure to hear the personal stories from the early days of Hip Hop, and to get a clear vision on the evolution of Hip Hop..

Last Friday (the 10th of May) Masta Ace did a show in Breda. Since that's only a half hour drive for me and he is one of my absolute favorite MC's, I just had to be there.

Nas was powerful, energetic and full of love, walking across the stage like he owned it. He sat down twice while rhyming, giving his fans hands and love....

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